I need a head lamp with the switch on the top... You know of any?

Hi all,

What I need is one of the bigger size lights, but that has the switch on the TOP, not on the back like the bike lights one.

Like this, but with NO extra modules on the sides. Preferably with a reflector, not a zoomie.

Page Not Found - Aliexpress.com

Thanks in advance.

Olight wave?

Here is a start

The spark st6 fits the bill but it ain’t budget.

I like mine, electronic switch on top, real reflector and 18650.

Thanks for the quick replies all.

This is a great start. I think i had actually seen that but didn't realize the switch was in fact on the top.

The Olight and spark are nice ligts too, but I need ones with a bigger reflector like this one from BG. Budget lamps under $25 are preferred for this project too ( should have mentioned that).

I will probly order one of the BG ones, but am still wide open for more options. I could use 2-3 more for the project.



What about Fenix headlamps?
Most of them have switch on top, just like this Fenix HP05

Here is one, but it suffers from quality issues: Review: Dual LED Headlight from Wallbuys

The generic LED has died on mine as it has on others according to reviews. I couldn’t care less though, I only bought it as a host for this build: Build: Dual XP-L headlight project.