Idea for future build- amber/white quad xpg2 strobe light

As the title states I’m thinking of building a quad led strobe light in the future. I’m thinking of using either an S2+ or a copper P60 pill in a Solarforce host with 2 amber xpg2 leds and 2 white xpg2 leds. I would like to find a driver that has two channels so I can alternately strobe the two colors. I’m not sure what optic I would use, probably something between throw and flood. I have found this driver at Mtn. Electronics that might work but I don’t think it would put out enough current. I know it’s designed for the xml color but I figured if I wired the 2 amber leds in parallel with each other and the 2 white leds in parallel with each other I could just use the blue and red channels on the driver. This would give me a solid white mode, a solid amber mode, an amber/white strobe, and an amber blink. The only think is each led would only be receiving 300-350ma which isn’t going to make for a very useful light. Any suggestions for a different driver and/or more powerful leds? Are there any amber xml2 leds available?

My main use for this would be to lay it on the dash of my truck facing forward when escorting farm equipment from farm to farm. I already have wig wags in my headlights and large escorting flags that work well in moving traffic out of the way, I’m just really wanting this as a project/novelty light and it might get me farther with the wife if I tell her it’s for work lol. I’d also take it with me on trips to lay in the rear window of the car in the event of a flat or break down. I’ll be completely honest as well that I have no clue when I’ll have the time or extra money to build this as college has just started back so right now this is just an imaginary build.

Are you looking for a pre-built driver you can just buy, or a DIY option? (you would have to physically build and program it). The Rev2 Tripledown is somewhat set-up for what you want.

I would have to buy a prebuilt driver, I’m not good enough at soldering nor have the patience for that delicate of work. I skimmed through your thread and like what I see, I will read more in depth when I have time later.