If you could only Buy One "Super Thrower"? (Under $400)

Thank you, I appreciate this. I will pm when ready.

I saw that, and almost sold 3-4 of my lights (that I didn’t want to sell, reason why I just didn’t) so I could buy your gt90. It was a great price even with shipping.

I just don’t know if an LEP is what I want. My buddy has the w30, and it’s incredible, but if I’m being honest, I think I’d use it less then a 20lb (lol) sbt90 thrower. Unless you are spotting something well over 500m away, the hotspot is so intense with those really good LEPs that it’s unusable IMO. Although, I’ll probably buy one eventually, lol.

Great idea, thanks cncman! I don’t know, I haven’t seen the gt70 for less then $200. But your right, becaus it comes in nuetral white too, which I like. I had the mf02s nw and sold it bc the xhp70 didn’t throw impressive, but I sure the head size of the gt remedies that since it’s almost double the size of the mf02

IMO, LEP lights are like HIDs, they are niche products that are great to have as part of a flashaholic’s collection, yet not much of practical use in the long-term real world use.

I tend to agree, they are a great thing to show off to your friends but if you were stranded in the dark somewhere, I would take a “real” light over an LEP any day.

Here are the results I have. Granted the Lexel driver is going to push the 70.2 to near its highest Lumens that most lights cannot do, so its not a fair comparison. But its doable. :wink:

Left XHP 70.2 …… Right Luminus SBT 90.2.

The led was from Digi-Key at XHP 70.2 5700K before dedoming.
The driver is 12v 8amp from Lexel with 5v power supply for pump.
Runs cool and only gets warm in warm weather.
The dedomed Digi-Key XHP 70.2 5700K performed much better than the 6500K dedomed Mtn. Electronics led.
12V 8Amps on turbo
2,343m throw
Specs for Luminus SBT 90.2 not water cooled.
3V 22 amps on turbo
5800 lumens
2700 meter throw

It is hard to beat the XHP 70.2 when driven hard. :wink:
A lot has been promoted about the SBT 90.2, but the proof is in the beam shots.
When standing behind the two lights, I give the 70.2 my vote. :wink:

Yes I believe the BLF GT90 is a far better light and worth the investment over the K75 you get more cells so more shenanigans and a better UI, when I had the K75 I hated the UI the only acebeam light I have left and like the UI is the L16.

I would say take a look at smaller LEP’s the larger LEP lights are super fun but horribly impractical unless you are shining a mountain side for giggles.
I recently got into smaller LEP’s but since Canada has weird issues things having a Class 3B laser they tend to get refused and sent back so with somewhat limited options I picked up a Astrolux WP1 and boy is it a contender for something so small it has a very usable beam and very respectable amount of throw mine measured 355kcd~.

as posted above…LEP for super-throw.
i got the Fenix TK30 because there
was a coupon/discount
and i trust Fenix.

of course, tech gets cheaper with time,
however i wanted to try one out.
so far, so good, super-throwie.

I’d def get an LEP, since I mostly like aspheric lights.

My MR175 eats my original BLF-GT for breakfast the BLF is not even close so I think even the latest top thrower still would not come close to my 10+ year old MR175. Its just not that practical BIG unit. The battery back is separate (back pack).
I was only using it a few weeks ago sitting on a cabins veranda. I set up a pair of binoculars on a tripod and was spotting foxes 1.5km away on the next ridge. If only I had a gun that could shoot that far.


LEPs just don’t have the wow factor of a 6000 Lumen gigathrower

The sheer size of the body and the sheer Lumen output

Well that and I like some spill too with my +2km throw

I looked that bad boy up :smiley:
You are a lucky man to get one of those ! :smiling_imp:
It must feel good to have that much power. :beer:


I’ve got a BLF- GT and the thing doesn’t get drug out of the back of the closet unless I’m trying to show off. Which it does very capably of course:-)

But why is the MF04 not there either?

But that is neither a true handheld flashlight, nor is it even close to the 350 dollar or less range the OP asked about. He already left off the MF05 due to the price, and it tis cheaper than this military flashlight.

I would not buy the MF04S again. The UI is bad and Lexel who made me a replacement driver has been gone :frowning:

Mine is not an MF04S, it is an MF04 which is less lumens but further throw….2700 lumens @ 2416 meters of throw. I have had no issues yet with the UI, but admittedly such ridiculous throwers are just too big to actually be used much. It is more just for impressing friends and neighbors. It is not actually the light that most impresses people though. That would be the GT micro, modified with the Osram emmitter and has 809 meters throw from that small 14500 battery. The GT Nano is also impressive, but that tiny 10180 battery wont impress for long before totally drained.

I have never seen much practical use for a LEP light. Unless used as a signal light for rescue in a forest, I can see nearly no practical use for them. I greatly prefer at least some usable spill. I guess, being an actual laser, it could be used for nefarious and illegal purposes to blind someone, but it is just too small of a spot to be used to see things with it. I love throwers, but the LEP has no interest for me at all.

True, i had the mf02s and the UI never really bothered me per se, i mean i would like a better one but it would’nt stop me from buying one f those lights.

I almost put the mf02 on here, and that will probably be my next light unless i can score a original Lumintop GT NW, which i will just grab that. I guess i didn’t put those on here originally because i was thinking BIG reflector, BIG emitter - so an sbt90,2 only. But, you bring up a good point those xhp35 throwers do contend well with the throw. I have the brass GT Micro coming in, its my first micro, so i am interested in the wow factor :+1: