If you give a NON flashaholic a light which UI would you prefer.

Pragmatically this makes a lot of sense. I have an SD05 and the simplicity is undeniable. Mode spacing could be broader but it’s not really designed as a general purpose light. I do wonder if a lot of people would be turned off, so to speak, by such a novel switching style.

Weather side or tail clicky or twisty I would favor a single mode, MLH without mem and maybe even a L-H like some of the tentap streamlights do. It is very convenient and easy to utilize either a low general purpose mode of a bright high.

or how bout this. a voice command light. think of the possibilities.

everything else is voice command so why not

what firelight2 said. also: small, robust, waterproof, with a lanyard in neon colors.

A non flashaholic does not understand modes. They would be all confused to figure out why the battery drains out if the memory mode light turns on the light on low.

While on this subject/Poll vestureofblood. I can’t help but think of what’s next. By that I mean. Once clicked to high for example. What level comes next? (for us, or a non-flashaholic)

I will never forget, the first time I got a flashlight that went from low-med-high . . . . then back to med on the next click. You should have seen the look on my face! Oh my goodness. I never, ever, want to have a flashlight ever again, or gift one to a non-flashaholic. That goes low-med-high, and then back directly to low.

rather it go L M H, no memory

I like the BLF A6 interface

click = on
press = next level, increasing, goes from high to low at the end, with memory (can toggle memory via config)
click again = off

it is simple
gives access to all levels
does not start on blinding high (esp with memory off, always starts on low)
strobes are not accessible by accident


that seems like the simplest safest thing in the world, though, to me
i HATE LMHML etc - you can never predict what the next click will do - will it go up or down>? i never know


There are muggles and then there are muggles. The muggleliest muggle should have one moderately bright level that won’t overheat the host no matter how long it runs.

true - you would need to define 2 or 3 muggle types…

i’ll play.
Muggle Types.

MT1: child. first flashlight. stares into it. tries to flush it. twice.
MT2: senior. cannot find the three flashlights they have…somewhere.
MT3: novice. everyone has to start sometime from somewhere for everything.

i’ll play.
Muggle Types.

MT1: child. takes it to the bathroom and flushes it .
MT2: senior. cannot find the bathroom.
MT3: novice. no clue what they want .. thinks the brightest is the best . wonders why it can't run forever on highest mode . uses a 5500 ultraflare battery. argues with you that their atomic beam was designed by the military.uses flood outside and throw in the house .ends up buying expensive lights .still runs crap batteries .

I don't care who you are...

That's funny right there!

MT1: child (boy)- drops in pants looking for “something” down there
MT1: child (girl) leaves on while stored in small (plastic) bling bag purse

MT2: (senior) man- drops in pants (still) looking for “something” down there
MT2: (woman) leaves on while stored in small (plastic) bling bag purse (next to cigarettes)

MT3: Everyone else who never could program the old VCR clock (including me) :person_facepalming:

40 years ago I had a multi-mode flashlight with a sliding switch.
That’s something everyone can work with.

DV-S9. Infinitely variable magslider, able to nudge it down to almost firefly levels, just one simple control.

Downside is horrible parasitic drain, draining its 26650 in a month or less if left unattended. For that reason I wouldn’t give one to The Muggle, though.

IMO Sofirn C01R UI is ideal for any aaa or aa light. L M H without memory by default or user can configure to H M L if preferred.

People tend to remember and like things in trio. Trilogies, 3 note chords, and 3 mode Flashlights.

another idea:

the UI from my copper ’’Tool” copy:


it is surprisingly good and easy to use

if you leave it off 2 sec or more, it restarts on L next time

i find it very predictable and intuitive - though i also like anduril

it never starts by blasting you on high, like memory mode does sometimes
turning it off is one fast click, not a hold

this light also has a very fast and short travel button with a good solid click
so- having a good button switch also helps this light and its UI to be pleasant and simple

I like the idea of a sliding switch with Off-Low-High. Perhaps with a button function that is momentary on only.
Off (no drain), 100lm, 400lm.
Positive clicks that can be felt when moved.
And a switch or?? That is lit all the time the light is on and bright enough to see in room light.

No low modes, Muggles will never use them. And will just lead to dead cells.
Smooth crenelations that let the user see the light is on when placed head down.

Perhaps a jumper that could be bridged inside or?? That could render the light kid safe. Limit it to 15 on low, 50 on high.
At least give the kid, other kid, pet, etc. time to get away when the “little darling” sticks it right up to the victims eye.
I’m not sure programing with many clicks is a good idea. I can see a kid clicking away for hours while playing with the thing.
All the Best,

Gotta say, I absolutely hate the idea of Muggle Mode or Kid Mode or anything of the kind. Just the same way you don’t give a loaded gun to a monkey, just don’t give any kid a hand-grenade with a “kid-safe” pin, y’know? Some little yard-ape is gonna figure out even by random clicking how to click it into pipe-bomb mode.

Plenty of cheepcheepcheep AAA lights that can amuse ’em…

Useless pol but interesting discussion nonetheless.

There have been similar comments in the Anduril 2 thread. I haven’t followed it much so i don’t know where it is on the ‘simple’ UI front.

In my experience, most people do not expect anything like several modes or even dimming. They grab a light, press the switch (sometime hard and long) and do with whatever light comes out. Then they press the switch again to turn it off. Exact same thing as when you enter a room and turn the light on. Simple on/off - no tricks with short, normal, long press or multiple ‘click’.

That said, a off/medium/high cycle is easy to learn and remember… but again, in my experience, mugles end up in whatever mode the light is and do not remember or bother to cycle modes. They can use high mode even if not necessary and drain the batteries fast…

I’ve gifted tons of two or three modes AAA twisties, most starting on low like the Sofirn C01S, and most of the time they don’t remember how to switch to high so they end up using it at it’s faintest level, which they do not find very useful…

Bottom line: ON/OFF is the best general purpose UI IMO.

PS: no Li-ion cells for mugles unless there is onboard USB charging.