A new Star is born !
IMALENT SR16 is coming soon to your IMALENT GERMANY Importer and Wholesaler.
The lamps are in a testing phase and if we get new data we will post them here.

The excitement mounts.
Regards from Gatzetecteam


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This looks very interesting. Excited to see the specs!

From the published photos it looks like 16 pieces of Cree XHP70.3 so a "half" thrower, they sacrificed the launch in favor of lumens because with 16 pieces of Sft40 they would have certainly had more launch and also a lower price ... I would have inserted in the center a nice SBT90.2 and all around XHP70.3 would have lost some lumens but it would have definitely had a double better value as flooder and thrower.

Based on the model number I infer it will be 16 x XHP 50.3


55000 lumens
16 pieces CREE XHP 50.3 HI LEDs
Range 1715 meters
The handle is detachable and has two switches.

Many thanks to Shellen (Mrs. IMALENT) for this new information.
Soon in our shop!
The price is not fixed yet.

Greeting Thorsten

IMO a missed opportunity to propose something truly innovative, the launch performance of XHP50.3 is not so good, just look at the RS50 (to stay in the family), on average 30% worse than an SFT40 even if with a higher number of lumens, moreover it has performances too similar to the MR90 which costs much less and is much more versatile, I would have proposed instead of XHP50.3 an SFT70 that would have increased the launch without penalizing the lumens or at the limit I would have preferred XHP70.3 to be superior to Acebeam X75, so instead this lamp is neither meat nor fish ...

Maybe they will have more different emitter options for customers. I also would rather have sft 70. I hope there’s instant access to start on lowest mode. That was the flaw of the acebeam x75. For such a powerful light, I would have to blind myself turning on the light on high mode or even medium mode because I forgot what mode I last turned the light off at.
I really hope someone reviews this light. Would really like to know if the lumens and throw numbers are accurate.