[in Design process] Astrolux FT 03 CC FET white flat driver

Definitely interested.

According to gt mini, l2 and ft03 beam shot - YouTube

A wf1 combined with the $29 FT03 can put out 600k cd

This sounds like the most throw/dollar to me


Wonder where they got the gasket from to center the emitter in the reflector…

I have the mt35vn mini which is a clone of the ft03. It has the wf2 and stock driver and does 500 kcd.

I’m curious to know how Vinh managed to keep the current low enough not to turn the WF2 blue…
I’ve tried it, Manker 28mm XP MCPCB, reflowed my WF2 on it, then put it in my FT03.
On Turbo it turns to angry blue/violet…

Interested. Any updates?

Reprogramming to limit FET perhaps?

…or an “airwire” resistor in-line to enforce a hardware limit?

It does turn blue on turbo with any cell over 10 amps. I use a keep power 6000 mah protected and it’s fine

Will it be possible to adjust the max current? Like on the LED4Power drivers?

There is no BLF firmware that has that option
I have the boards but no time, even regular orders are heavily delayed

If there is no software option to adjust the max current. Will it be possible to adjust it by changing a sense resistor?

It looks like R11 is a current sense slot (or whatever it is called). I guess this means current sense output adjustable up to MOSFET or board thermal management limits.

R4 and R_cal are there to change current

Why are you dubbing this driver “FET”, Lexel? Is that the only word people understands here? “Linear MOSFET” would technically be more correct. If you aim to save on words L-FET or LFET may do. And what does FT means? FastTech?

Nice to see a lot more regulated drivers now, with people somewhat getting off their high donkeys. :-D

I have a question not regarding the driver but modding the FT-03 with a white flat. . .
The reflector led hole is huge. Does anybody know where to get a new centering ring that fits the white flat or the Osram Boost HX Green.

I’d be happy even with a replacement original centering ring sigh.

Problem is that the diameter of the hole would be ~4.24mm…

best is sand down the original a bit to stay in focus and then glue it rotated to the MCPCB

I just found this thread, wish you told me about this Lexel :slight_smile:

So you are saying I can order the driver from you, get the WF1 some where, reflow it on to my star, and with some patience on soldering swapping driver and centering, I’ll have a WF1 FT03? I AM IN!

The pad on the stock MCPCB is 5050, you’ll need a 3030 or 3535 28mm MCPCB for this. Manker used to make them, I got one from Banggood some time ago.

Not available anymore, unfortunately. It’ll also need a custom centering ring.