Interested? - BLF LT1 wrapped battery sets

interested :+1:

Take a look at the BLF Q8 cheat sheet. It was intentionally designed to be folded accordion-style and stuck inside the tail-cap. I found that it fits nicely, and possibly could even be a bit bigger if you needed more space.

LINK to BLF Q8 Cheat Sheet

Using the three samples from a few posts up, I’m going to work up a few finished sets this weekend. My plan is to finalize the tally on my costs, and put up an official For Sale post once I have actual, ship-able product, images, and pricing.

For those of you who said you wanted multiple sets, are you thinking of getting all the same pattern, one of each, etc? Does being able to identify one set from another have any importance to you?

What about shipping to Philippines?.

Surprisingly, it looks like shipping to the Philippines might be easier than shipping to Canada. The cost though - I doubt it will be inexpensive.
Edit - A quick lookup with a random post code in Bataan says Fed Ex Economy will be about $100. I seriously hope there are cheaper battery sources for you.

If you have a more local source for batteries, you may be better off doing this DIY. Please PM me to discuss.

EDIT - USPS looks like it will be much cheaper, but still more than I have factored into the US pricing. I will look into this a little more, but can make no guarantees.

Gosh Darnnit — Two pages and nobody pointed out that the title of this post talked about “wapped” battery sets. Grr…

I really need to get better glasses.


that's a wap!

Everybody, take five.

Does anyone like colorful things? I now have the supplies to make each style in these colors:

I may make a sample set of one or more colors, but in general these will be request only items - same pricing but a delay for assembly and shipping.
NOTE - bottom right is a pale yellow/tan - not white.

What exactly do you mean with the ‘discharge 2.5v 10000 max’ line? The minimal voltage of the battery or the maximum discharge current? If the last, there is no unit for that ‘10000’.

Maybe change it to:
‘Max charge 4.2v @ 1475mA’
‘Max discharge 10000mA to 2.5v’

Those are values from the manufacturer’s data sheet. Max discharge point is 2.5v.

I’m not going to un-make the ones I have already, but I can tweak the data block for future runs.

I always found it a bit tacky to correct someone’s spelling or grammar iffn I could discern their meaning.

OK - I have some inventory ready and The Official “Want To Sell” post is up. “(LINKY)”:WTS - BLF LT1 logo wrapped battery sets - $30 shipped USPS (US only)

I don't think it's a problem, and amishbill is correcting his own spelling.

The first round of batteries should be in everyone’s hands by tomorrow. I expect feedback (hopefully glowing and full of superlatives :slight_smile: ) to start showing up in a day or three.

Feel free to jump over to the official “Want To Sell” post “(right here)”:WTS - BLF LT1 logo wrapped battery sets - $30 shipped USPS (US only) to see what I have available and what the first buyers have to say.

As promised, here is a DIY wrap image. PDF on Google Drive

Print the PDF, trim it to width and length as needed for the batteries you want to wrap, put it under clear shrink tube. Or, print on adhesive labels, or…. whatever works for you. :beer:

You can still get fresh Sanyo GAs already wrapped HERE if you like.

Regarding the Q8 Cheat Sheet you can scale a copy a bit up and roll it. It should fit in the center of the battery tube

from the Narsil v1.2 Cheat Sheet:
An alternative idea to store the cheat sheet in the BLF Q8:
I printed a copy of the cheat sheet a little larger (75 mm high after cutting) and rolled it up – it now fits perfectly between the four cells. I can read this larger version. (Lazy-R-Us)
Or you put the folded cheat sheet in the tailcap and the second part with the notes section between the batteries.

Well, I DO have a template already setup that’s as wide as a battery is long…

I don’t think you cold laminate it and still roll / unroll it, but what’s the name of that waterproofing stuff you paint over a map to waterproof it?

I need to get a feel for how many are still interested in a set of batteries for their upcoming lanterns.

We’ve reached the point where I have to decide if I will just wrap most or all of what’s left for myself, or order another Big Box ™ of batteries and roll the dice on how many people still want a set.

I will be wanting at least 2 sets when I order my LT1s (still waiting on my GB codes).
Also trying to remember that the B in BLF means Budget! So trying to spread out my spending a bit.

If I restock, I’m thinking of pre-making one or two designs at a time and selling what I have instead of taking orders for whatever combinations are requested.

So far about 2/3 of the sets I’ve sold are on White, and about half are the Budget Light Forum pattern. If I go this route, these will probably be the ones available.

Question - if we get colored lanterns available to order, would people want white or a wrap color closer to the lantern color?