Internet Lumens VS Actual Lumens, and the 100 watt LED test!

Internet lumens VS actual lumens. Why there is such a big difference. Testing of the 100 watt Ebay LED emitter and much more!

2:10 –1,000 lumen T6 C8 Flashlight test
3:57 –100 watt Ebay LED emitter (11,000 lumen)
8:03 - 9 volt battery test
10:56 - Cree XP-G3 test
12:13 -Why such a big difference
15:08 - 13,800 lumen Trustfire test
17:13 - Lights that do live up to claims

Johnny Mac


If you guys have done test on any of the featured lights or LEDs feel free to post your data here as well :slight_smile:


Nice video! I’m actually happily surprised at how much light those 100W Ebay leds still put out, had expected less.
My test of a XP-G3 S5 3B comes pretty close to yours, at least the results are very similar, it looks like you managed to sink the heat just a bit better: Cree XP-G3, testing a S5 3A emitter

Nice video… Still, 6k lumens from a $2 eBay LED emitter is pretty impressive.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’d say the small difference seen between our 2 tests could also be emitter lottery or variance in calibration.

Glad you like it. I was shocked myself. I was expecting about half that.

I usually figure about 50 lm/w for cheap LEDs of any size. Cool that those eBay 100w emitters actually surpassed that. Good to know that my rule of thumb is at least close, and not too optimistic compared to reality.