Is there a dimmable high CRI lightbulb?


I am new to this forum and the topic of LEDs and am seeking advice.
Basically I am looking for a dimmable high CRI lightbulb with different whites. Is there such a thing?

I am looking to install a new ceiling lamp in my small apartment and would like to be able to change the light temperature between something around like 2700k and 5000k specifically (for photo editing on my computer). I read that high CRIs >90 are a must.

So far I have found three possible options:

  1. an Ikea E27 light bulb (CRI 90) that lets me switch between 2.700K and 4.000K (not 5.000K though)
  2. the Innr Smart Bulb Comfort with a 2.200 K and 5.000 K option but a CRI of only 80
  3. and the WiZ A60 (CRI 90) with a range between 2.700 K and 6.500 K

What bulb would you go with? Or is there a better alternative out there?

I don’t want to set up a whole Smart home system (or connect my bulbs to the internet) and would prefer to use a regular remote. The WiZ seems complicated tbh and when I downloaded their app it asked me for my location first…

Thank you all for any advice!

dimmable High CRI, Warm White

Thanks, but that bulb doesn’t offer 5000K light.

ah, missed that part…
I do not know of any LED bulbs that change color temperature and are dimmable

sounds like you found one though… your option #3
I hope it works well for you.

yes, some apps ask for location… it might be because different parts of the world use different Voltages… not sure… but… dont let that question stop you from proceeding… since you found the features you were looking for…

ps, the Wiz site says:
220-240 V
which I think is what you use in Germany…

fwiw, I bought an Opple to measure the Flicker… it is one of the factors in LED lights that varies between products, besides the ones youre interested in, such as CRI…

Here are some Photo Grade, Low Flicker bulbs (available in daylight white)… but they are not dimmable, and do not change color temp… you would have to just choose one and use it as is… The CRI and Flicker might be better than the Wiz… I dont know… I would use the Opple to measure and compare

Thanks, I might try the Wiz.

The photo grade bulbs are great but since my workplace and my living room are one and the same I’m looking for a more homey option :slight_smile:

Maybe a silly question: Is is possible to turn on/off and dim several bulbs at the same time using only a remote (without an internet connection and/or a gateway)?

I know of only one that meets all of your requirements, but unfortunately it has a GU24 base, which probably won’t help you.

Thanks. Not sure if GU24 even exists in Germany, most ceiling lamps ask for E27 (E26 in the US, I think).

How about installing a lamp with 2+ bulbs, replacing the switch with a 2-key one and rewiring it to have 2 groups, one warm and one white? Easy CRI97 in both ranges….

Are all dimmers created equal ? Do new dimmable leds bulbs work better on new or dimmers different than old school dimmers .

I'm sure all dimmable bulbs are created equal either ..Hmm...

There are a lot of bulbs marketed as ‘rgb bulbs’ that should serve this purpose. They’re generally dimmable and have 2700k-6500k options along with the rgb colors. You can find them advertised as high cri on Amazon. You can find the exact same light with or without a remote included, so just poke around.

This is simply an example, not a product recommendation:

Smart Light Bulbs RGB Color WiFi Smart Bulb Work with Alexa Echo Google Home Smart Things No Hub Required Dimmable LED A19 E26 Multicolor High CRI High Brightness 9W 800LM 2Pack

They don’t specify CRI, only say that it’s high which makes me unconvinced. Also, are they high CRI all over the spectrum or only at one certain CCT?

I wonder what is the common construction style of this kind of bulbs.

If the bulb is technically RGBWW with 2 separate white LED CCTs and the white LEDs themselves are high CRI, the bulb is going to be high CRI at the CCTs used by the white LEDs. But may not be high CRI at any other CCT because mixing colours tends to reduce CRI (here’s a more detailed explanation).

If it’s RGBW with a single high CRI white LED CCT, it may still change CCT by mixing-in RGB light which is going to be terrible for CRI. They would still be able to label the bulb as being high CRI, but that would be true only at one specific CCT, elsewhere things would be bad.

They could also be pure RGB. CRI would be terrible everywhere and any claim of it being high would be a lie. But I’ve seen lies that are easier to verify than this one. I actually doubt that this kind of construction is common…but I wouldn’t be surprised if these existed.

That’s a smart idea, I am getting a lamp with 5 bulbs anyway. Perhaps there is even a two-way dimmer switch. Problem is, I like it really bright and thought that 5× 800 Lumen would be nice to have.

Good idea! I haven’t thought about this option, and haven’t looked out for RGB bulbs. Perhaps someone has a brand recommendation where you can be sure the CRI specifications hold true…

Is Sunlike getting back to business? If yes, this might be the solution….he offers up to 4000lm per bulb. Though the really strong ones are physically large, they won’t fit every lamp.

Would that be Are they reliable? The huge bulbs seems really interesting.

Drop your restriction on “no smart home” stuff and you can do it.

See my post here for ideas: Ultimate LED Bulbs - Ultra High CRI - The Honorable Quest - #440 by contactcr

ZigBee is secure, long range, and local (does not need internet). You will need a compatible hub which you will need to determine what fits your needs.

Not all smart home stuff is created equal though so YMMV. Z-wave is also local, bluetooth is local (but mediocre at best), there are some wifi local ones but they are the minority and the specs on these knockoff brands that use wifi or remotes are questionable. Maybe Germany has a rating organization for things sold locally you can trust though like we do in the US.

Thanks. I guess I haven’t figured out smart bulbs yet. Don’t I need internet to use the app to set up my bulbs?

If ZigBee is local, then I’ll happily get it. Problem is, I cannot find the right bulb. Those EcoSmart ones you have seem perfect but I cannot get them in Germany. The WiZ ones I mentioned in post #1 are dimmable and 2700k as well as 5000k — but they don’t support ZigBee.