Is there a way to add multiquote capability?

Its a feature i use on Xenforo quite a bit, the ability to quote several parts of a long post to reply to each piece individually.
One can do it manually here like the old forum (though it glitches at times) but with the new software perhaps it can be done?

Not to add to Sb’s workload, maybe something to think about down the road unless its a simple setting that can be enabled?

Seems easy enough with Discourse, even on mobile.

What do you mean by manual?

The way I did it for this post is just select the text and hit Quote. Then added my reply. Then selected new text and hit Quote again. You can even quote multiple people or even from other posts.

Check this:

Cool, right? I just minimized the reply box (on mobile) then went to another post and did another Quote and it dropped into my ongoing reply.

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It does not work on desktop, when i highlight and hit quote it quotes that text but when i go back and highlight another paragraph is replaces the first one, then sometimes gives me a prompt about reloading.

No issues for me on desktop with either Chrome or Firefox.

I’ve never seen a prompt to reload the page.

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Hi there @Bort, I just did a quick multiquote, first selected a fragment from your post and then another piece from @quahog’s.

I have see the prompt to reload the page, as far as I know it only happens when the post editor is open for the same draft reply concurrently on two different browser tabs.

It definitely sounds like the same reply draft was open in two browser windows/tabs. Also note that it will insert the quoted content wherever your cursor is at in the post editor.

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I have two tabs open but on different topics, the other one is a private message i am planning to reply to while this is a forum thread.

I will try closing it so only one BLF tab is open and see what happens.

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Same problem, i also tried closing and restarting Firefox and got the same thing.
When i highlight and clock quote it opens the editor, when i minimize and quote something else it only loads the second quote.
And then it randomly gives the reload error:

Hmm how about something maybe being open on a different computer or a different mobile device? Also trying clearing out your draft posts from and starting fresh. I’m also using Firefox, and I current have two draft posts, this current reply to you and another one in a different thread, and they register separately in and aren’t conflicting with each other.

I don’t use BLF on mobile and that drafts page gives me an error:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Oops sorry, I fixed the link.

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The link works but its empty

You haven’t started any drafts

Not quite ready to post? We’ll automatically save a new draft and list it here whenever you start composing a topic, reply, or personal message. Select the cancel button to discard or save your draft to continue later.

OK, now make sure you don’t have any more BLF tabs/windows open and try randomly selecting and quoting bits and pieces from this post and others above it. Also maybe try reloading the page first to refresh it.

Hmm weird. Try closing all BLF tabs and clearing the browser’s cache (not cookies, just cache). Also check that there isn’t a browser extension that is interfering with the site’s code.

I figured it out, i was minimizing the new post to add the multiquote. If i leave the new post open then it works fine.
Though minimizing should not be an issue.

Minimizing this:

Ah ok, thanks for figuring that out. So yes, it basically opens two panes, the top half even lets you navigate to a totally different page and quote from there, for example:

Whereas the bottom pane is the post editor that keeps the same reply draft open. In another tab or window you can also have another post editor pane open, and it saves the draft(s) in that section I linked you to earlier.

Also note that the post editor pane can be resized vertically.

I’m glad the option is already there and sorry to have added another thread to reply to onto your plate.
Though one can argue the minimizing runaround is a bug.

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I think I figured out the issue, and it seems to be a Discourse bug.

If you do a quote and don’t make and changes (type some text, hit enter, etc.) then when you minimize the reply window it goes away. It probably thinks you wanted to cancel because you didn’t type anything. However, it has also saved a Draft. Then when you grab your next section to quote you get the Reload message because there’s a Draft message already that it seems to have forgot about.


  1. select text, hit quote
  2. hit enter (or type a bit)
  3. now you can freely minimize the reply box and grab more quotes and no need to type anything (since it now knows you’re serious about replying)

Bug exists on both Desktop and Mobile versions of the site.

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Ah, so although there is text in the editor it was automatically inserted via the quote function, but nothing manually typed, and Discourse isn’t seeing the difference. Thanks a lot for outlining that, I’ll report the bug.