Is there another optic for the Fireflies E07?

This is a seven emitter light. It is very floody. wondering if anyone knows of a replacement optic with a little more throw.
The one LED E01 (my favorite light) out throws it by quite a bit, with a lot less power.
So just wondering.
I did try some other optics on a FW3. I can see a difference, but not much.

Nope, there’s not. (no one makes 7 leds in that small format)

PM Fireflies. They recently found an optic with half the beam angle so should throw significantly farther.

Will do. Thank you

Fireflies(Jack) said there’s no such optic. All optics are the stock 25 degrees one

They tried the throwier optic but it was too large for the E07. I’m sure sometime down the line they will make an E07v2 with a slightly larger head to accommodate that optic.

Here is what jack told me : Fireflies E07 preview - #1946 by Tally-ho and Fireflies E07 preview - #1948 by Tally-ho
I received the optics but didn’t have time to test it.