Is this battery okay?

Back in the day over at CPF these were the second best batteries after those overpriced panasonic rewraps by different companies.

Trustfire with the flame wrapping kept a very good reputation for a long time, they did well in 200lm XRE flashlights but then high powered XML lights started coming out. i think they were $7 a piece as compared to $20-25 others were charging for rewraps.

anyways I wouldn’t use or even keep them, high quality cells are just $3.75 a piece now, why bother with the low quality stuff.

TrustFire IMR 14500 Battery 700mAh 3.7V Rechargeable Li - ion Battery

The ones I have; seem pretty decent. I've estimated ≈131mAh of internal resistance on one of them, which isn't bad at all for a cell this size. Real capacity may be a 10% lower…

MECO 3.7V 1200mAh Rechargeable 14500 Li-ion Battery

Comparatively speaking, those Mecos are a joke. A friend lent me one, and I measured well in excess of double the voltage drop on it for the same load (≈2'5x) against the TFs on top. :FACEPALM:

None of the big ones manufacture 14500s, so I doubt you can get something much better.

Cheers ^:)

P.S.: 1200-1600mAh would be typical capacities for 14500s if the big ones were making them, I presume (with way lower IRs, of course).

Looking at my notes from 2015 my 3 1450 TF Flames tested out on my Opus 3100 at 751 mah, 763 mah, and 679 mah. They were purchased from Manafont in 2012, 2012, and 2013 respectively. For comparison an AW Black purchased in 2012 with at most 5 cycles came out at 568 mah and my Sanyo UR14500P at 748 mah. In my opinion the old TF flames weren’t totally bad and the 1450 ones compared favorably with the name brands.

The AW one was a total disappointment.


Last review excerpt for the Mecos at banggood:

“… one was dead (0.12V, the charger of course refuses to charge it) - the other one has a cherger measured capacity of 350 mAh Moreover, remember that these batteries are unprotected. Together with the two previous remarks, I think they are completely unsafe! I requested a reimbursement...”

And then she/he gives that a full-blown 5/5 rating in every category? :FACEPALM:

SIGShooter, didn't knew Sanyo manufactured 14500s; obviously under-developed, however.

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The Nitecore used them at least back in 2013. You can also get them from Fasttech and other places Sanyo

I used since 2012 only trustfires 3000ma and after 4 years (powering tr-3t6 and j12) they are very worn. One of them in test reachs 850ma :confounded:

I must to say, never had a problem with them (3000ma version, the 2500ma its a joke), some of them got the pcb damaged in some fallls on ground but work without them! I know, tf is far away to be some of best brands but did the job even on very hot light.

Its dangerous use worn batteries(in case, test on charger)?

sanyo makes an 830mah 14500

AW was being very much counterfeited a while back; there’s a page somewhere on how to identify the fakes (besides the lousy performance)

I gave the AW away to a coworker who was using ultrafires in his light. Although the AW had poor performance he said it still ran 3 times longer than the ultrafires :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I’ll try to get it back to see if it’s a fake. That could be the reason for the low performance.

Was the AW a protected cell? Just curious, all of mine from that source are, and have held up well.