There is that! And at least one spare light while we put batteries in the one that needs them replacing.

Yes of course bud.....glad you understand my way of thinking. One is none and two is

It also looks like it might make a usable knuckleduster. But if that's what you want, DX will sell you one cheap.

Really depends on what you want from a headlamp. For the sort of things I want one for (Given that I have 100 other lights but only one headlamp) the Zebralight approach of only flood is great. I hardly ever use it on high. Except when repairing patients' watches. then it gets used with a magnifying glass and I need both hands free. And I only wear hats when it is absolutely necessary (i.e., when I am driving a motorcycle or cutting down a tree) - I hate wearing hats so anything that clips to a hat brim is no use to me.

I must say the H01 is tempting though.

But I've spent enough on lights this month.

If you want AA and not spend 50 $ on a Zebralight... there is a budget light... well it's "inspired" by the Zebralight.

The UltraFire UF-H2B

That's more of a 501 clone. And why did they think anyone would only want high and strobe? For the $15 more that the H50 (You can get an H50/Q5 for $45 from Zebralight just now) costs there is no contest. It really is that good. If the Ultrafire were half the price I'd buy 2. I think it is far too expensive for what it offers. I rarely use the Zebralight on high. And I can't think of a reason that would make me want to use a headlamp on strobe. Ever.

Or any other light for that matter.

I don't own any of the 2 lights, so I can't comment on that. My headlamp is a ITP A3 in baseball hat configuration. But you are right... the mode selection is poor ... even if some sites state that it's not strobe but SOS. I want every light with 5 mode selector ring (brightness only) together with a forward clicky switch. Do you hear me HK/China?... no frakking strobes!!!

we just purchase the iTP H01 ,when it arrival ,the first impression of this flashlight is too small .

but it looks also very nice ,I think i would like the iTP A3 instead of iTP H01.

I first bought an iTP A3 and I liked it so much I ordered about 4 more. I then decided to buy a H01 and I like it also. I really like how light and comfortable it is on my head. I like how easy it is to tilt up and down to focus where I want. Great light for reading.

I bought a Zebralight H51 and it's a better light and has lots more usable modes but sometimes I prefer the H01 for reading at night.

I ordered a UF-H3 and I'm looking forward to getting it as I have a healthy supply of 18650 batteries and want a light that's a little brighter if needed and a light that gives me more run time. Headlamps are some of the most useful lights you can have.

Seems to me that any "decent" "budget" AAA EDC under 20$ is so much better than this ~30$ headlamp(runtime looks inadequate on this, why bother buying tiny headlamp with the same runtime of regular AAA flashights and pay more for it?).

IF they made it even smaller - shorter lens tube or no tube at all and somehow integrated AA into this it would be awesome headlight for the money, small and efficient, otherwise except for angling possibilities this light is useless, one can buy decent AAA EDC and headband and have more versatile setup IMO.

$11.99+ shipping

code ABCPN12 12%off

thx Misfire

Thanks for the info. I'm curious to see how well these work.

Chicago. I have these lights and I love them. The H01 and the A3 E0S are screaming lights. I really love mine. I just ordered 4 H01 headlamps, 3 A3 E0s and one A2 stainless lights. My cost including shipping by priority mail was $89.80. I used the discount code of Mypoints and it gave me 12% off. Make sure you ship USPS. It only cost me $7.15 for the whole order.

BTW: you will find that these lights are surprisingly bright.

dang, i missed it. it's up to $15.99 now.

If it was 12$ with free intl shipping Id get one or two in a heartbeat despite not liking AAA headlamps :D

The H01 from the deal above just landed.

Very nice. High-quality headband, clip, and 2 o-rings were included in the package.

Thanks for the heads-up; this was a screaming deal.

Chicago. How did you get yours so quick? I ordered the same day and I still don't have mine.

I dunno - I'm usually among the last to receive GB packages.

I used the headlight to assist in the repair of my washing machine yesterday. It's a very practical headlamp, IMO.

One thing that really surprised about the iTP H01 is the quality of the headband. I'm talking about the actual elastic headband. It's thicker and better quality than the band that came on my Zebralight H51 which is better than the UF-H3.

If I had one complaint about the H01 it would be a slight problem with the design of the design of the actual light holder in this headband. You have to stretch the ends of the rubber holder over the ends of the light. The problem arises when you adjust the beam angle up and down a few times. Some times the friction of the holder causes the tail cap of the light to loosen up and the light won't turn on. You have to remove the light from the holder, tighten up the tailcap and re install the light into the holder. Not a big problem but it's kind of a pain.

Ive seen somewhere here or at cpf people discussing the same thing and someone advised to simply squeeze the end of that rubbery holding mechanism and then the light is supposedly easily adjustable without any ill effects.