It's beginning: lights with high CRI (>90) Nichia 219C

Maybe 2017 will be the year of high CRI?

Manker and Eagletac seems to be starting to go all-in on Nichia 219C (4000K CRI >90)













The Noctigon Meteor M43 is also available with 219C, but unfortunately not really high CRI (only 70+ or 80+)

If you know of any other production lights offered off the rack with high CRI (>90) Nichia 219C please add to this thread.

It doesn’t have to be 219C, any high CRI (>90) production light is of interest.

Yes… Noctigon Hank told me no other leds will be available than what already is… The MK34 with 4000K 219C 90+ CRI is a pleasant surprise indeed. Nice thread RollerBoySE!

4000K sure, but now apparently the 5000K 90 CRI emitters are available, at least in limited quantities. That’ll be the “new frontier” since its closer to an actual neutral white.

Whatever happens I welcome it.

Jaxman E2 / E3 and the P60-dropins! :+1:

Any 219C 5000K 90+CRI available yet?

The LED:s are available:

But I haven’t seen them in production lights yet.

Need more major brands to use them. Great to see Brands recognizing the need for good tint and colour rendering.

There are a few Astrolux with Nichia ….

Yes, it would be nice if more major brands broadened the variety of their options, including higher output Hi Cri models in their line-up. Nitecore has some new Nichia penlight/medical use models, but nothing producing many lumens.

OTOH, it sometimes seems most of the HiCri fans must hang out on the flashlight forums, especially when it comes to rosy/magenta connoisseurs. Case in point being the Nichia 6x219B sw45 Eagletac MX25L3C closeouts at Going Gear that have been looking for new homes for a year and a half or so.

I purchased one a year ago when Matt said they still had thirty-some of them on hand. I never expected at that time to see them still be offered as closeouts another year later, since the major forums have had enthusiastic posters turning others on to this ‘great deal’; maybe Going Gear got some more in from Eagtac.

It can’t be the form factor that turns people off that much, Vinh has declared the same light his ‘most favorite light’, able to sell it for more than 8 times the GG closeout price after gutting the body, installing XP-L HI CREEs, and working his magic when he has the patience.

I think you just explained what’s going on: people want lumens. Lumens sell. Neutral white is like the little brother of cool white, especially with high CRI where lumens are even further sacrificed…

Thanks for pointing that out, I intended to mention in the post that Vinh gets nearly 4 times the ANSI lumens from a light he loathes to build, but continues to supply to keep people satisfied.