I've got a challenge for you.

I don’t know why…. BUT it doesn’t feel like a “challenge” more like wanting the ground work done for a project or a class assignment or even an idea to pitch since its very oddly specific….

OP said

this would be a mess of EMI and not likely to pass testing for a commercial product without lots of filtering. But i have a schematic for a driver to do such a thing. What are the technical details and application for such a device?

Yeah, the way this is worded does read very much like it’s something like that.

It could JUST be how it’s worded though, so some clarification/elaboration would be good.

Well ofcourse we can!

The question is; why would anyone need it, what’s the intended use?

of course WE do.

Build one yourself, and you will see. LoL! :-D

First of all, a 50K lumens handheld light? You mean something easy to carry in a single hand, and able to provide 50K lumens for some minimum amount of useful time without blowing up or burning the bearer's hand?

You forgot to say “high CRI”, it's too easy :-D that way. At ≈100 lumens per watt ≈500W of output power would be required, which already is ludicrous enough. And concerning the “oscillating phase shifting variable frequency pulsed output mode”, do you mean multiple or variable frequency strobe modes? Strobe mode, a popular thing around here LoL.

Just take a look at this “just 30K lumen” Lumintop BLF GT4 4x XHP70.2 flashlight, which of course is quite a handheld thing (irony). And it ain't high CRI.

My guess is the original poster is looking for something for self-defense. A strobe that follows an irregular pattern is supposedly more effective than a conventional strobe. And he/she probably picked 50,000 lumens as a nice round number that sounds bright.

The problem with this is that as a self-defense light you would need something that’s portable that you would likely have on you when you need it. 50,000 lumen lights with currently available technology tend to be pretty huge and don’t really fall into this category.

No it is not a school project or other assignment. It may have commercial applications sure. I dont work for any company to exploit the development of it and I am not trying to get anybody to do anything for nothing.

jeesh guys gimme a break. Honestly though there is a demand for such a product and if one could be developed which meet certain objectives it could be sold. I would not cheat anyone of anything. I was more collectively looking to put a team together to develop such a device… Where better to start than where the experts and best in the industry go.

Now allow me to come across a little differently, would anyone be interested in helping me develop such a device. If anything commercially is done with it we can donate the money to a charity or split it equally among us.

furthermore any person who develops the code would be expected to copyright their work.

thanks for responding. i understand everyones trepidation but my intentions are not foul. Indeed I am looking for a self defense or aggression deterring device.

“oscillating phase shifting variable frequency pulsed output mode”. Pattern shifting light at different wave lengths, amplitudes, and frequencies can induce seizures in a certain percentage of the population. Well my research suggest that it can induce multiple physiological responses to a much greater percentage of the population than which has been previously acknowledged. i will make a general post explaining this a little more thoroughly. If interested please continue to follow the post.

Something kinda fishy about this one skipper.

Yokiamy I know well you can. You ask what the inteded use is? Nonlethal compliance. I don’t advocate the use of deadly force expect perhaps in extreme situations. I especially don’t believe that one human should have the right to take another humans life because over an infraction of the law which is perhaps a victimless crime or a crime in which another life is not in jeopardy.

Also, the reason for doing such is because it is something that needs explored and developed outside of a government lab somewhere. Would you not agree?

strayz lol. okay believe what you like. It is an idea i came up with several years ago when i joined the forum. It is a project i will currently be working on now that corono has provided me a little free time to further explore it.

If you think I am going to conquer the world with the death ray you might be right lol. Wouldn’t you rather be on my side?

Anyway all jokes aside, if it would be the “death ray” someone had better come up with counter technology.


Thanks for your interest. I hope to have explained the application potential in previous posts. Technical details are the in the research I have done regarding optical stimulation and sensory overload. Once I feel like I have a real working group who are srsly interested in this project I will share more of what I know.

I would like to know more about the driver you speak of.

it can be too effective, it can cause seizure in some. knowing this and using it nonetheless is pretty much a crime, i would absolutely not build such light for anyone, or even post ideas how to do it.

compliance?? who are you to demand compliance?

It sounds suspicious when you want something oddly specific but at the same time are very unclear/vague as to the details and it’s purpose when asked about it.

If you actually explain clearly what the intended purpose is, then perhaps you might get better responses. You are explaining AROUND what you are wanting it for and using a lot of sarcasm when people are questioning it. That makes people feel suspicious, whether it is or not.

I’m not saying you are doing something suspicious, but unless you can be more clear and direct, I am betting people are going to continue to respond mostly as they are now.

As far as seizures go—Adult Swim TV puts up a seizure warning notice before Dragon Ball Super on anime night (saturday Toonamis). Of course i had to watch it to see what’s the fuss, and i could see it affecting someone who was susceptible to bright flashing lights. So if somebody won’t comply—make them watch Dragon Ball.

yea, that is just a tv, imagine 50klm strobing in your face point blank, even closing the eyes won’t help, that much light will shine thru eyelids easy.
there was actually a criminal case for sending a strobing email purposely to an epileptic person, again it only has a power of a computer screen. iirc the guy got 2 felony charges

Yep ladies and gents the officials don’t take kindly to even playing with the strobe function. And I honestly didn’t even know the police car was parked in the area. There was no traffic or other people around. Just a flashaholic playing minding his own business. Folks are jumpy with all the stress folks are under. Eventually the cop was cool with it and even wrote the light info down. Be careful and play it cool. Don’t be dead right asserting your rights