Jetbeam BC40 "clone" for $19

Fell upon this while snooping around Ebay.

Appears to be identical to a BC40 with flats machined down the body tube. What do you guys think?

Good find.
Certainly looks like the BC40.

I’ve been looking for a 2 x 18650 host for an MT-G2.
This may be suitable.

I’m a bit intrigued by this one I found while checking legitimacy (same seller as above): Definitely looks like a trustfire light, but a 2x 26650 tube for a single xml. I didn’t know trustfire had such a light. I’m guessing it’s rather old? Anyone have the model #?

Apologies for the OT.

I debated adding that link in the OP also. I have both of those favorited (sp?). But I’m probably going to take the risk on the Trustfire clone thingy. It’s a TR-J18 body with a single reflector. Should translate to ~60mm reflector. Can you say 2 cell HD2010 ? Maybe?

Edit: Just found this. We’re late to the party

Definitely a copy of the BC-40. Has anyone bought this already?

I did a quick search and at the very least there weren’t any direct discussions about this light. I referenced selfbuilt’s review for comparison pics and the inner tailcap, driver and reflector/centering ring are different. But the body is surely identical.

Is that bare machined Al on the flats of the body between the fins? If so wonder how that will hold up, also wonder if the ano left on the fins is going to be prone to flaking.

I do like the light overall, maybe a good candidate for a home ano job.

Ah, I expected it to be older than that. Interesting that there is not a specified trustfire flashlight (TR-J01 or w/e), but clearly a direct machining copy at least on the outside. Plently of room for a new driver, decently wide reflector, 2x 26650, pretty cheap for a host… surprised it isn’t more popular.


Tha one at The switch killer aka "Single TR-J18 thrower" with MT-G2 is a 2x26650, but the one in the OP seems to be a 2x18650, right?

Another flashlight from this seller caught my attention. It’s a dive light. Anyone know this flashlight?

You are correct. The OP was referring to a 2x18650 Jebeam BC40 clone. But if you look at posts 2 and 3 you’ll see where we went on a tangent.

I think a lot of us here suffer from ADD. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a bc40 and it is by far the best light I own. If this is anything like the bc40, in quality and performance, than that is a heck of a find for the price. The bc10 is my second favorite.

Maybe late for the party, but the light linked in Post 2 just got more interesting to me. Oucyfoot discovered here that the $2 extension tube from CNQG fits that the light. He also noticed this $2 AR Coated Lens fits. I can't seem to find beam shots anywhere though. Here is his picture from the above linked thread (Post 61).