Jetbeam Jet II MK Review

I’m so used to sticking all my multimode lights on low/moonlight/firefly, whatever’s lowest (to keep from getting blinded in the middle of the night), that nothing ever struck me as being amiss. :smiley:

I’m okay with it. My only gripe, if you can even call it that, is that it’s pretty hard to crank. Definitely gotta 2-hand it, unlike most other twisties I have.

And is just mine, or is the pocket-clip free-spinning in orbit around the II? Doesn’t help when trying to grab the base…

Other than that, I quite like the II.

Hey, anyone ever non-destructively take apart one? I definitely want to swap out the emitter, but dunno if it’d go boom if I tried.

No dome, looks like an XP-L HI, so that’s at least good. :smiley:

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread but it didn’t seem right to start a new one.

What are you folks using to lube this? Would trombone slide grease do the trick?

No idea what’s TSG, well, I know what it’d be used for, but not what it’s made of, etc.

All my Jetbeams were really nicely lubed, not scratchy or gritty at all. When I do need to lube a light, I got this YEZL stuff from FT that’s nice and waxy in the jar, thins and liquefies on your fingertips, applies nicely.

Lotta people like Nyogel, etc., for their lights, but I don’t have any experience with that.

Just make sure whatever you use is compatible with the O-rings on the beastie.

(Goggling “fasttech yezl” immediately brings up which is the stuff.)

Thanks LB. Tried sussing out the composition of the slide lube. Can’t find out much, so I won’t tempt fate.
I will check out those suggestions. Cheers, mate!

This Jet-II is requiring a surprising amount of two hand force to turn on. Just wondering if a fresh lube coat will ease it up a bit.

Yes, the lube gets thicker over the time. Maybe dust. If used as EDC, it needs regular service like most or all twisties.

Edit: Btw., a 17 mm driver with button +contact fits. I onced used one of those 8x7135 drivers with mode memory. Think it was an old Convoy driver. Bezel is not glued.

Thanks Unheard. It’s brand new. Out of the packet this morning. Very stiff.

Ah, ok. Then: It will become even stiffer :smiley: .

If it’s too easy to twist, it will have some longitudinal play, resulting is less precise switching, means even more bouncing through the modes. I find twisties very difficult to adjust/operate. Doesn’t matter too much in normal situations when the light jumps a mode too far, but if you rely on your night vision and absolutely want firefly mode (which is nice on this light), a twisty is not a good choice.

Edit: I forgot - when the light was in stock for too long, maybe the o-ring grew a little. That’s another problem. There must be a replacement o-ring in the package you could try.

Just use Silicone grease its easy to find, won’t ruin the o-rings and is non-conductive.

Thanks guys. All your insights appreciated. Cheers! :+1: