Jetbeam TC-R1 MCPCB dimensions

I'm not sure how similar it is to the Jetbeam RRT-01. However, my RRT-01 did not fit a 16mm MCPCB. I had to file it extensively for it to fit; I would guess less than 15mm diameter. It may be easier to reflow an LED to the existing MCPCB.

I do not plan to use an LED with the same footprint, so I will need a different MCPCB. If anyone has measured the thickness and diameter of the original one, I will then be able to order something and possibly grind it down to fit.

I used a 1.5mm thick, 16mm MCPCB. I had to shave it down significantly, but not to the point where I shaved into the positive/negative pads. If you have a dremel it would be quick, it was a bit of a pain with small hand files for me. The thickness wasn't an issue as far as reflector/bezel fit.

These work perfect but the wire holes have to be enlarged a little. The TCR1 has four holes in the led shelf, use the holes the furthest from the center.
You’ll also have to reflow the xp-g2 off and add the led of your choice. These boards also work very well in combo with the KD reflector as they’re thinner.
They allow the bezel to screw down further completely covering the o-ring. I think I measured them at 1 mm.
Edited: I was wrong these boards measure 1.5 mm in thickness.

Thanks, that is great help!

Unfortunatelly, this site has ludicrous shipping costs to the UK, starting at $36.70. At least I know what to look for.

Do you have any idea how thick the original board is? I hope to use the original reflector, so I would need a board of the same thickness.

Can you point me to the KD reflector you are referring to, please?

This post links to the two alternate reflectors. There is an update somewhere about which reflector someone tried and like better, but I don't have that link saved.

This thread in general had a bunch of helpful posts and knowledge in it. This one may have useful info as well, or links to it. I think I remember one or two other threads I'd been watching, but I don't have links.

Thanks Scallywag! Very useful!

I was wrong. :person_facepalming: The ogazent 12 mm copper mcpcb measured 1.5mm in thickness.
The factory mcpcb measures 2 mm in thickness.
I didn’t have much luck in finding a copper mcpcb in a 12 mm diameter, these ogazent mcpcb’s are all I found.
When I purchased some of these boards, they also had a ridiculous shipping cost and I live in the US. So I emailed them and I was told the shipping cost was figured automatically based on the number of items in my cart. Just place the order and the actually shipping cost would be subtracted from what I was charged and refunded. I got the refund the same day the item shipped. It couldn’t hurt to email them and see what your actually shipping cost might be if your interested.
I’m pretty sure you’ll want to change the reflector once you get the light. The KD reflector has a improved beam over the factory one.

I think this is the right MCPCB from the TC-R1.

16.14mm at the widest points, 14.92mm secondary, 1.92mm thick.

I have this old aluminium 3535 MCPCB which is a close fit.

14.23mm at the widest points, 14.05mm secondary, 1.63mm thick.

PM me your address and I'll send you it if you want it. (Only £20 shipping!) :))

Thank you both! This is great information!

So, in order for the bezel to screw down completely, the thickness of the original mcpcb + the thickness of the centering gasket + the height of the original reflector must equal the combined height of their replacements.

CRX, do you know the height of the original reflector and possibly the original centering gasket?

I have ordered the KD reflector Item Number S023424, which I read in another thread gives the best beam profile and its height is 13.4mm. I have also ordered a copper MCPCB with a thickness of 1.5mm (CRX, thanks, if it turns out I need the extra thickness, I will take you up on your offer!). Let’s add another mm for the centering gasket, so we have a combined height of 15.9mm.

The original mcpcb is 1.92mm thick and lets say another 1mm for the centering gasket, so we are missing the height of the original reflector to see if I am close . As the light is still in the mail, does anyone have that information?

Thanks to all for your help!

I don’t remember the original reflector size, the original gasket probably adds around 0.7mm.
What LED were you thinking of using? You may need to take focusing into consideration with gasket thickness too.

I will will use a Nichia 219b sw45. I can sand the gasket thickness down if I need to.

I Am also thinking about possibly using an E21a with Clemence’s boards, but the 16mm board, that would probably fit according to your measurements is out of stock. Its thickness is 1.65mm. The 10mm board is available but I think it will be too small. Its thickness is 1mm.

Yep :smiley:

CRX, I believe you have built one with a Nichia 219b. Would you care to share the parts (mcpcb, reflector, gasket) you used so I do not have to go the trial and error way, please?

Asking for my secrets now huh? :smiley:
I used a hand sanded Noctigon.
The reflector and gasket was from another light, Maratac CR123 Rev3 so sorry, this information isn’t much use to you.
Unless you’re one of the lucky types, modding will most always include doubt, hope, trial, error, success, frustration, defeat, happiness and satisfaction.
Sometimes in that exact order :laughing:

Well, thanks for sharing your secrets!

I will let you guys know how it goes with readily available components.


I just got the TC-R1 in the mail. And what a beautiful light it is!

Our missing dimension, the height of the reflector is 12.47mm. I can also verify that the shelf can accomodate a 16mm MCPCB, with 0,65mm to spare.

That makes the original reflector + original MCPCB a total of 12.47mm + 1.92mm = 14.39mm

I am intentionaly leaving out the centering gasket, as I will also use one with the new assembly.

Now, the parts I ordered are reflector + MCPCB 13.4mm + 1.5mm = 14.9mm

That is half a mm more than the original. I ideally need a 1mm MCPCB. I will see if the bezel has the tolerance to screw down as it is, or sand the MCPCB to 1mm and I am done.

I am also wondering if the 1mm thick E21a MCPCBs (2 of them) I am expecting from Clemence will be a perfect fit… I will have to center it carefully, as it is a 10mm board (the 16mm boards are out of stock) but it will be interesting to try!

this info originally courtesy of moderator007

Reflector #1 being slightly larger in diameter (19.4 mm in diameter).

Reflector #2 slightly smaller in diameter (19.3 mm in diameter). (slider note: I like this one better, the hotspot is a bit larger but without the hole in the middle of the hotspot)

some beamshots of the two reflectors, from this post

here is another post in that thread, result of keyword search “kaidomain”

there is a lot of good info in that thread, including pocket clips, drivers, and reflectors for the Original RRT-01, that also apply to the TCR-1, they all come up in the search for “kaidomain”

I used a KD 3535 gasket and 1.5mm mcpcb and this is the difference I get from a factory RRT-01 which the TCR-1 is the same.

If you belt sand the mcpcb down to 1mm you shouldn’t have a problem fitting the factory gasket. As you have mathematically figured out there’s not a lot of difference, and anything you do to lose a little height gets that bezel screwed down further. Using the thiner KD gasket and a 1.5mm mcpcb always worked out for complete coverage of the bezel O-ring with the KD replacement reflector, so I never tried anything else.