Just another fail - NOPE, It's alive and running again! Light is finished - almost... and working!



Can’t wait to see the final product. Great effort.

I like very much two first photos. the rest… I am enjoying even more! Lots of skill there.

I wish i have those raw materials in my desk, unfortunately where i live, cooper is becoming more rare day by day.

If u don’t mind I may have a little suggestion, its possible to make a small hole(like some kind of fuse, just in case something go wrong ) in the battery part of the flashlight just for safety reasons? or flames are so violent and potent that a small hole its not enough ?

copper is a little pricey? but, so is a “good” light… we all already use drivers and emitters and swap parts most of us, its a cinch we should be trying to fabricate bodies too.

I watch these with great interest? because I want/have to fabricate my own bodies/parts eventually for my IR project… everyone wants “all metal” and no one will touch anything with JB weld or epoxy anywhere visible on it…

i find myself worrying more and spending more time and money on fabricating, than on the “tech” end of my project, which is really counter productive, but oh well.

this is really cool…

Copper pipe and couplings from Home Depot or Lowes. Bigger than 1", I just get them from ebay. Copper sheet or discs, I get from Etsy or Artfire.

Copper is getting more expensive every day, since it’s getting more rare. Sooner or later, it will be too expensive to use.

This light will not be air tight, nor will it be water tight. There will be enough to let any venting take place, but that’s why I made sure to keep from any chance of positive and negative touching, so there will be no shorting.

Day two is thunderstorms. Lots of rain and wind and cold.

The pill is in place and so is the contact plate. The light has been tested and it works. The rest of the day is trying to clean off excess solder, but I'm leaning towards painting the body black, because of so many solder joints and so much to clean up. It won't be painted today, because of the rain and cold, so I will try to finish up assembly, so it will work and save any painting for another time.

Subscribed! :slight_smile:

For the cleaning of the solder joints on the copper body it would be very cool to have a bead blaster. Years ago I worked in a factory manufacturing surgical instruments and I had access to extremely precise end-mills, grinders, drill presses, laser cutters, lathes, tumblers and chemical baths for cleaning the metal to prep for off site anodizing. Oh to have access to those do-dads again. I lack the gene that codes for patience that OL so clearly demonstrates.

Oh well, it looked good anyway. I’m carefully making a second attempt on a knife bolster I have no business making. There’s a distinct likelihood it will end up in the circular file as well.

Rats. I spent several hours myself yesterday annealing, pounding, and resizing some brass tubing into an oval only to find that the metal was flawed. No option but to start all over and log it as practice. My condolences for your loss and hope the hammer is doing well.

Hope you don’t paint it.

what happend OL ?

God love ya, buddy. It warms my heart to see that even you have days like that. I’m sorry for your frustrations but glad to see you struggle as it means there is hope for me yet. BTW, even when you have a hammer day you still give a noob like me ideas. I liked the battery holders. I keep looking for a 3/4” tap and die set that is only that size not a set of 10 or 20 different sizes. That way I could keep opening up and looking for what I hammed up. Seems like 3/4 is only included in bigger sets. Maybe you could turn down some brass nuts and bolts and solder those in where you need them.

It just drove me crazy leaving this light and not finishing it, so I made a new head and finished it off.... Almost.... I am waiting on the lens, but it's basically finished and working!


that’s the real modders spirit!

you made a very nice build - great :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to the giveaway :wink:

Wow. Entered the giveaway. Fingers crossed. I LOVE this project.

Can’t keep OL down! I’m impressed that you got it back even after a hammer related incident :wink:

Wonderful comeback OL. Love it :-)