My Buckles from Kaidomain came in. One month shipping time. Very smooth threads, nice ano and well machined aluminum knurl make a high quality feel for a $4 flashlight. I’d get more if I had a need or extra money. The direct drive 10440 option really puts out some brightness. My 5 minute dog walk shows that this light does get warm just using ion core duracells, but this is essentially a key chain light so I feel it is acceptable given the few minutes shine time these will get per session.

Kaidomain also thoughtfully threw in a button keychain light. It was pretty bluish, but so bright that I might need to buy a dozen or so and attach them to zippers on coats, gym bags, etc.

Glad you like it.

I don't have any, but they look good for the money.

It was, I meant ion core. Thanks!

I <3 KD Buckles 8)

These buckles are fantastic, i hope there will be a n°7, even if it’s very unlikely.

I wanted to add that the black appears to be out of stock. The gray or silver color is actually very classy looking and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a clean simple classy aaa light.

I have given about 7 grays away! still have 5 or so.

Just got in my 2nd UranusFire 818 from KD. Also included the keychain light. One Uranus(on)Fire just wasn't enough... It coincides with harvest season for my garden Habanero's, hhmm...

The 818 stock does a burning 50 kcd or so.

What tailcap current do you measure on these? And I envy you re the habenero harvest. Here the season is only just commencing. I’ve planted habeneros, Jalepenos, Carolina Reapers, Trinadad Scorpions, Thai Bird’s eye, and a few others. Hoping I’ll have a great harvest in about 2 months. Can’t wait. Ny chocolate Habenero and ghost chilli plants from last season didn’t survive the winter which was dissapointing.

k- measured 2.6A at the tail on a HE4, think I got slightly better at 2.7A on the 1st one on a KK cell.

I got a real good amt of peppers off of 6 plant - 4 Carribean Red's and two Scotch Bonnets. Both Scotch Bonnets produced a larger variety and odd shapes - one plant was kind of a chestnut shape, the other was a longer thinner shape. I jar them up for the year - thru the food processor with fresh garlic, then add olive oil in the jar. The oil keeps them fresh for a good year, maybe more.

The UranusFire 818 sounds interesting. Would it be a good host to mod with 3A+ driver and a XP-L? The side switch probably complicates this task.

Thanks for the tips re the chillis. I’ve not tried to jar any but I may try this year if the production is good. I have one Scotch Bonnet plant this year, first time I have tried. Last season I had so much (mostly habeneros) we gave a majority away. The guys at work and family and friends loved them.

Well, for the 818, it's a near perfect light for my latest e-switch firmware for the ATTiny45 and 85 - I've been posting notes and updates here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/34900.

Some noted features:

  • easy mode up, mode down, single click ON to low or hi, single click OFF
  • supports latest FET+1 custom drivers fully, with a low moonlight mod, optional
  • simple access to strobe via a 1 second hold
  • UI via side switch for choosing/saving 64 mode combos
  • programmable lock-out feature
  • selectable turbo timeout, up to 10 minutes or disabled
  • can use a tail switch for mode switching w/memory as well
  • Low Voltage Protection

It's easy to work with for a side switch light - lots of room, simple body mounted switch, plus a nice tail switch.

Thanks for the details. Time to do some more reading :slight_smile: