KC1 keychain light is available now

Oh crap…

It’s AVAILABLE! D4sv2 w/ sst20 red!

Thanks Hank!!

Could you share how you did this? I have a couple extra deep carry fw3a clips… thank you. I’m assuming you cut the ring that wraps the light? I tried putting the fw3a clip on my kr4 before and doesn’t fit at all

Wow, I did not notice, that it was already available. It is instant buy for me. Sorry for my wallet this autumn :stuck_out_tongue:

Default optics are slightly floody already. They are a good balance between throw and flood, and the beam looks similar to D4V2.

I recommend the default optics.

Thank you!

How cool would it be to have a D18 in 2000K? I’m totally addicted to my KR4 2000K

Me too, that would be cool. To use E21A D18 would need a new E21A-compatible driver.

A warmer D18 with great tint could be built today without a new driver with sliced LH351D 2700K emitters.
CCT = 2369K (Duv –0.0014) (Ra) = 95.9 [ R9 = 72.9 ]

I already have 4 D18s. I need a new color option I think.

How about a green body, red emitters. Christmas colors. I’d buy one immediately, and green is available for other lights.

Ha I’m jealous… I just need to figure out which D18 to get first. My only non-6500K lights are the KR4 2000K and a little copper RoxyVon A9 that’s 5000K I think

Hank, will you ever sell the k1 with the battery included? just to save me some trouble of looking for a 21700? i dont even know whats good, and i also dont have any other 21700 lights, so i would just be buying 1 or 2 pc, which is an awkward amount considering shipping is most likely gonna be more expensive.

If you are from Canada, then we can put one battery in the tube, just send us an email please.

wow i did not expect such a prompt reply, thank you! will do!

just curious though, is this special treatment only for canada? can this be done for other countries?

Now thats NICE deep carry low profile pocket clip gonna pick me up a few.

niajef, that’s a complicated question with a complex answer. Many emails from countries are blocked by China, many export and import laws prohibit the cell regardless of whether it’s in a device or not. It’s complicated, an individual needs to reach out like you did and find a specific answer to their issue. Some will be pleased, some will not. It is what it is.

i see…so it is a special treatment, but others countries can also get it, just not all countries

Oh no. The K1 disappeared. Did I miss this?

Well i did, i still didn’t buy one, was especially leaning towards a green K1

Edit, it’s back!
Edit 2, but you can’t order it

someone said its stock issue. but hank literally just told me the other day to email him if i wanted to buy one with battery in it. so im so confused…

The other day maybe there was stock, now there isn’t.

by the other day, i mean like, yesterday lol

It looks like you can order it: