KC1 keychain light is available now

Has anyone had any luck getting their KR series tailcap apart? I have a KR4 with a trit button I would like to swap into one of my KR1s (to match colors) but they are both glued tight. Figured I would ask if anyone has tips before I tried. I just use a pair of old tweezers I bent out to grip retaining rings, but I can’t apply a ton of torque that way. I imagine I’ll have to use heat first either way.

I’ve gotten all mine off with needle nose pliers. I get the pliers aligned in the slots, with the tailcap against my palm. I press pretty hard against the tailcap while turning and they all came loose. I didn’t see glue in any of them.

I’ll try this because I haven’t been able to get mine apart either on my KR1 or kr4

Hank, would you sell E21A leds separately?

I cant believe it took me a month to try doing this. FW3x deep carry clip fits great on the d4v2 with a little light modification. the new KR4 deep carry clip attachment ring was just a little too big, plus i had an extra one of these. thought i’d share.

The D4 was always a good pocket clip away from me wanting it. Nice mod! The brass is very pretty.


Is that amber or warm white under the switch?

I have a 9.3 on the way with 9 2000K’s. Def my favorite LED

Hello Hank,

Do you have nighttime pictures of Noctigon K9.3, where I could see, how the beam looks like for E21A at channel 1?
Also, I was already planning to purchase one more D4V2, but could not see Gray color body option - will it be restocked?

Noctigon KR1 other colors coming ?

I couldn’t decide whether to get E21A 2000K or 2700K for the K9.3 so i bought one of each. One with deep red on CH2 and the second on with Osram yellow

Also, ETA on cyan D4SV2- kicking myself that I missed it

I have one of those in 6500K but I wish I could get a couple in 2000K. Hank said the emitter isn’t available in this light though.

In fact, when I go to that page there aren’t any drop downs or option to add it to my cart

Yeah, it’s out of stock at the moment completely - I’m hoping when it comes back, the cyan is available again.

Nice! I also have (3) 26350 batteries which are just taking up space right now. I wonder if he’s do a 2700k / 4000k tint mix. Maybe not enough emitters for that to work. I did that with my D18 and the beam looks amazing

Just my unsolicited ¢2 . . .

I’d love to see a: single emitter, triple secondary, 14500 powered, rear switch, tail standing, Andúril flashlight, with a pocket clip - from Hank. I’d be in for a half- dozen of them.

Anybody else?

I’m in for a few.

Yeah me too. Truthfully I’ll buy any new light he comes out with. I have a KR4 in 2000K, a D4VS2, a D18 w/ warm tint mix , and 3 K9.3’s on the way. Haha

I’m hoping he makes a dual channel headlamp. 2000K emitters plus Osram on channel 2 would be pimp

That actually sounds amazing. I’d go 3500k e21a primary though cause I only feel like living in sepia sometimes :smiley: