KC1 keychain light is available now

I was so close to getting the 3500k instead of the 2700 for my K9.3. What do you like about it? Maybe I’ll grab a KR4 to check it out

Hank now glues the retaining ring in the KR1 / 4 series tailcaps, I have been in discussion with Hank over this. Older tailcaps were not glued.

I crudely fabricated a tool to fit the retaining ring, with one of the recent glued tailcaps and with force alone I am unable to get the retaining ring loose.

On an older tailcap I did mange to loosen the retaining but it took some force.

3500k just feels like the best mix of ‘comfortably warm’ and ‘usable white light’ to me. Anything warmer is a nice sometimes novelty, anything cooler than 4000k to me is a compromise when I’m chasing lumens or candela.

If I was going to get a k9.3 I’d go for a 3x2700, 3x4500, 3x3500 mix to try and pull the overall tint under the BBL. I’ve got a 2700/4500 mix in the KR4 and its my favorite color/tint of all… saying that though the floody optic is fairly limited to indoor/close range stuff. I’m not sure how that would translate to the k9.3 or whether there are different optics depending on the emitter?

Thanks for the information and pics. I want to disassemble the tailcaps on a first-run E21A KR4 and an early-run KR1, I don’t know exactly when Hank made the change but they both seem to be glued. I did try a set of needle nose pliers which fit decently into the rtaining ring, but were unable to budge either one at all despite applying a good amount of force. I guess I will try to heat them with a hair dryer and then try again.

Great idea! I may order another with that combo and three Osram Greens.

K9.3 Came in today.

Looking forward to reviews of this light with brightness/runtime graphs.

That switch is cool looking. What color is that?

Wow I’m jealous. I have three on the way. What emitters did you go with?

Looks like warm light for the switch color, same as what I got in my K9.3. I got the E21A 4500k with SST-20 2700k on CH2.

Nice! Here are the 3 I have coming. Was very tough to decide

Color Black
Switch back light color Red
CH1 (9 inner LEDs) E21A, R9050 Warm White, 2000K
CH2 (3 outer LEDs) SST-20 Deep Red, 660nm
Color Dark Grey
Switch back light color Green
CH1 (9 inner LEDs) E21A, R9080 Warm White, 2700K
CH2 (3 outer LEDs) W1 Yellow (Osram KY CSLNM1.FY)
Color Green
Switch back light color Cyan
CH1 (9 inner LEDs) Neutral White – XP-L HI V2 5D, 4000K
CH2 (3 outer LEDs) SST-20 Deep Red, 660nm

Did a quick comparison shot of some E21A tints. These are all from Hank in different KR4/D4v2 variants. Sorry, don’t have any 2700K or 5000K.

I’d like to see the 2200K come back. I think I prefer it slightly over the 2000K. The difference is subtle though.

Thank you Rayoui. That’s a great way to get a feeling for choosing the right tint. The 2000K / 2200K tints will be great to substitute any real candles in one‘s living room. Just fire up the candle mode in K9.3 and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. :LOVE:

You could do a mix with 3x2000K and a higher CCT. For example with 4500K -I get 2269K duv 0.0060 (calculated from independent measurements at 1.25A per LED). In my opinion a negative duv makes warm temperatures look so much better.

Edit : used the wrong measurements, 2506K duv –0.0094 is the right result (makes more sense), so a lower CCT than 4500K should be used, 3500 (~2350K duv –0.0040) or 2700K (~2180K duv –0.0016).

Anyone with a KR1 and is able to kindly measure the reflector for me? Am wondering if it will fit a D1…

That’s certainly an option. I might do this if I decide to pick up another one.

I have an FW3A that I mixed 2700K, 3500K and 5000K LH351D and it resulted in a nice 3600K combined CCT and a beautiful tint. I want to do something similar at some point with a KR4. I just hate messing with the aux board and those tiny wires.

I’d also be up for another run of 2200K. They had great tint, and the difference between 2000K was noticeable. I’d probably buy another K9.3 and KR-4 with those emitters. I also reset the W/B, if you don’t mind to 2200K to show off some of that rosy tint of the 2200K E21A. I believe the 2000K from Hank’s second batch was on/slightly above the BBL while the 2200K was BBL.

That is warm white. Amber wasn’t available when I ordered or I would have

It’s the warm white option on the brass version :+1:

I measured 2000K and 4500K a few weeks ago, 2000K was on the BBL : E21A 2000K and 4500K from intl-outdoor color rendering - Album on Imgur