KC1 keychain light is available now

D4v2 219b 4500k arrived today, I love the Cyan color and raised switch.

I recommend getting the 219b while it’s available.

My sincerest apologies, I must have missed your post the first time around. I know I’m super late but I figured I’d at least answer your question in case you’re still wondering.

If you want excellent output, I imagine the K9.3 shoud be pretty good, maybe even the DT8. If you want super output, the D18 would be King. If you want sumtin pretty and mega output isn’t a major factor, def go Copper D4V2 all the way, or I guess the Raw Ore. Again, my apologies for such a late response.

So unless I’m reading it wrong, it turns out the D18 with 219B’s, WILL in-fact surpass 10,000 lumen at turn-on? Roger that. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Thanks Hank


I just did some admittedly ass-backwards math. But at 2.67A per LED, I’m getting about 645 lumen per emitter and over 11,000 lumen at turn-on.

Am I pretty far off, or at least in the correct neighborhood?

Here is some community data that should be pretty accurate, as an alternative to trying to read the tiny relative output graph from the Nichia datasheet:

Rather than just settle for the closest reported current, I did the math to interpolate and got 605 lumens per emitter. You also have to consider losses from the optics. I don’t know what optic the D18 is using, but a Carclo 10mm TIR is supposed to be 92% efficient with similar sized LED’s, so that makes it 557 lumens per emitter.

That would suggest right at 10,000 lumens, if it really is able to pass 48A at turn on.

That makes perfect sense iamlucky13. That would line up exactly with why Hank said 10,000 Lumen. He obviously knows to account for those things too, unlike me. But I understand this a bit more now. Sure almost 11,000 technically, but impossible for the light to actually put that out.

Reminds me of the the difference between what horsepower a car is rated for vs what horsepower the car can actually put out at the wheels. Thanks.

I noticed in one of the other posts that the 5000K E21A tested out to be a few hundred K cooler than the rated when driven in these torches. Does this hold true for the 4500K E21A?

Woah! is there an Australia warehouse?? :student:

Just got my Hank UV mule. Just want to say he shipped it with ZWB2 filter installed. Great service and wonderful surprise.

I also got the 16x E21a 2000/5000k mule black body with copper head and warm light switch. It’s just so beautiful. Thank you, Hank!

It also came with two D18s. The first being the D18 sw35. I don’t know how bright it is but I all I can say is that it’s just beautiful.

The D18 SST20 Far Red (730nm)/ SST20 Deep Red (660nm) is just super red. I’m glad I got the deep red because the far red is way to dim.

Is this Hank’s new FET driver? This is from my latest 219b D4V2.



This driver does not seem to have a ML mode that is as low as the ML on my SST20 4000k unit with the older driver. Is that expected? I think I have set the minimum floor at 1.

that looks like the new 9amp driver. ML is set at 3/150 i believe. you need to manually set it at 1/150..

I did drop it to 1 if I did it correctly. I think the light is anduril 2 and I do have it in advanced mode.

I found the setting… I had started with the light on, not off. It now has an amazing ML mode!

We have one K9.3 with the configuration below in the EU warehouse, original price is $124.68, now 30% off, which is $87.2
for EU customers only.

Switch back light color:Warm White
CH1 (9 inner LEDs): Neutral White - SST20, 5000K
CH2 (3 outer LEDs): SST-20 Deep Red, 660nm

I can’t wait for a US warehouse deal. :innocent:

This is actually an item returned to the shipping company’s operation center, not a really “warehouse”.

For the US shipping, I kindly ask the customers from the US to make sure the shipping address is correct/valid,
even the zip code is very important, if the shipping address is invalid/incorrect, the package will be
returned to the sorting center, and will be DESTROYED there, there is no way that the package will be
returned to us, or reshipped to the customers. Please spread the words.

this is valuable information, thanks Hank! I will mention it.

I also just wanted to mention that there is a great group of people over on Reddit dedicated to the enthusiasm Emisar and noctigon products. They invited me to join a couple weeks ago and it's a fun place to talk among like-minded enthusiasts! Here's a link https://www.reddit.com/r/Hanklights/