KC1 keychain light is available now

If only this K9.3 had 219B SW35 or SW45K in CH1, I would immediately take it. :love:

You should make a separate thread for these great deals so they don’t get lost in the chatter about your awesome lights

My review of the Emisar DT8 SST-20 5000k

Read it from link @ reddit, i posted there too…
It’s my new koala spotting light and i dig the rectangle head.
had to remap the mind a little for Anduril 2 but didn’t take long.

Thanks. I’m surprised I didn’t knock any Koala’s out of trees with all those lumens.
I’ve also now found a compatible diffuser for the DT8 - the 22-50mm diffuser from Kaidomain, so have updated my review.

What is the quantity/pricing on the Nichia 219BT-V1 3500K & 4500K LEDs? And the shipping cost/time to the US?

[quote=Hank Wang]

Obviously - not the topic. But Henk; why do you stubbornly refuse to make head lamp !? It looks like you're the only decent manufacturer that doesn't have them in the lineup ... That's a decent chunk of the market.

Members from Europe: FYI, today I have received a three pages letter from FedEx with an invoice charging me EUR 10.57 (EUR 4.62 EU Import Tax + EUR 5.00 processing fee + 19% German VAT) for my recent order from Int‘l Outdoor Flashlights. Most interesting is the fact that FedEx charged me these costs three weeks after receipt of order.


I would love to see something like a Noctigon 3.1 headlamp, 3 emitters on one channel, 1 on another.

Ohhh that'd be nice!


sandblasted Titanium! (D4v2.. ) sandblasted titanium! (Kr4..) sandblasted Titanium! (Anything you want..) sandbla....

ok, I've made my point..


I received the KR4 mule 16 and the D4s2 Blue Swirl which looks awesome, thanks a lot for the beautiful color.

Hank, any photo of the Stonewashed Titanium D4?

Surprise ! Huo guang store on aliexpress is selling Meteor flashlights : d4v2, d4sv2, d4v2 ti and kr4 ti .

New cyan D4V2, lovely color! :heart_eyes:

5A+FET, SST20 2700K/4000K, amber switch

Hank, I’m waiting for you to add charging to the D4V2 please. Any hope?

I have respect for everyone thoughts and opinions. Not picking… But I’m not a huge fan of charging a battery in a flashlight. A charging port or magnetic charging just creates a weak link. I like my external charger. But everybody has preferences.

I already have my D4V2 and only missing the light in the button. That feature came out after I got mine!

To each their own. I have plenty of USB charging lights and I haven’t had any fail yet.

That’s what I love about options…something for everyone!

i understand both sides of this "argument", but I for one hope Hank does not add charging to any more of his lights. Unless he does it like he does on the k1, that is ok because it's not a bad ingress for water, although I still don't use it lol. . I just would always rather charge on a good charger, and carry an extra battery.