KC1 keychain light is available now

Eta on when black will be back in stock for d18?

I’m planning to order D4v2. Is there a samsung leds options for this flashlight via sugestions?
(If yes, any post or information about it such as numbers of flashlights max and continuous outputs.)

Thank you!


I’ve heard rumors that you are working on a 26800 body tube for D4SV2. Is this true? If so, do you have an estimated release date?

Are you working on 26800 tubes for any other lights, like K1 or K9.3? I believe a 26mm cell would fit.

I’ve been holding out for a 21700 single emitter w/ Anduril2 and - most importantly - a buck/boost driver for so long. I have a D4v2 (5A driver) but never use it because it can’t sustain the output I need. Was about to give up again and order a ZL SC700d. (And/or a KR1 and mod it with theFreeman’s or Loneocean’s drivers.) Can’t wait to order a DM11.

I know it would be absurdly heavy, but I’d get it in brass black. I’d actually get a K1 in brass black if it would take the DM11 driver. I’d have to lug it around for miles in the desert but it’s worth it for copper/brass.

Anyway, can we request the DM11’s driver in the K1? Will the D4V2 or KR1 get the new buck drivers?

There has been no mention of buck drivers in any of Hank’s lights (including DM11) as far as I can tell.

Do we know when theDM11 comes out yet? Anyone already have any experience with the Nichia B35?

According to this Reddit post it’ll be released “next month” (November) and there will be a pocket clip available.

Yes, that is true, the 26800 tube should be available by November.
There are no other 26800 project plans.

I think I might be getting a dm11 b35. Looking forward to seeing final specs and finishes. Curious how it’ll compare to a d4s 26800 with sst20s.


I have plenty of B35AM and B35AR and so far they are my number 1 emitter in both 90+CRI and output ( 1500+lumens).

They are big bro's of 219B and E17/21.

Do you plan on offering 28600 cells (QB26800) with this tube ?
I found one seller (with not so good ratings) on AE but it’s quite expensive and 2 months shipping.
There is one US seller but international shipping is expensive.

Will there be a option to order the new leds(B35AM and SFT-40) when you release the DM11? How much would the shipping costs?

Would it be possible to get SFT40 in the K1?

We do have the option, only that SFT-40 LED is not available yet.

Only that the throw is not that great, I measured about 25kcd throw on high.

It’s the throwiest of all Nichia’s so let’s say it’s a good one

It’s actually right on par with a maxed out 219C, which believe it or not is the previous ‘thrower’ of the 9050+ Nichia’s. Due to the quad die structure, the 219c might eek out a win.

In the end, I think a quad 219c under ledil angie vs b35am under 35mm single optic is going to be an interesting comparison.

D4S vs DM11. These are my estimates, some of which are based on Hank’s previous comments or specs on intl-outdoor

Max W 60 vs 22.5
Max kcd 20 vs 25
Max lm 3000 vs 1550
lm @@ 20W 1600 vs 1500
kcd @@ 20W 11 vs 24
cd/lm 6.7 vs 16
spot angle 18 vs 11

I know this is Blasphemy to mention another Brand, but there is another popular light with a 35mm head, single optic, with slightly frosted center that uses the xhp35 HI, that is only capable of 22,500 cd (with a 5500k emitter mind you).

All of that to say - if the BM35a is as nicely tinted as i am hearing, and the CRI is high, then 25kcd is actually rather good i would say! considering all of the information.

What will the throwiest LED offered be on launch? I was planning on ordering it with the SFT-40, I’m afraid it wont offer much over the KR1 other than aux if it doesn’t have a more impressive emitter than the W2.
Any idea if the flashlight will be released in the coming 2 weeks or not?