Keygos M12 zoom flashlight - any opinions?

i hear that you may have to add a o ring because the zoom feature is very loose. someone might be able to chime in more on that.
i dont have a m12 yet, but its been a high interest for me as of late.
either this one or the poppas 878 zoomie.

I got one from eBay in 7 days!

I don’t see any problem on the Zoom and no need to add an O ring. It glides very smoothly
and it stays firmly.

Cool, will have to get one, ordering from the Keygos site seems to be cheapest.

My M10 was cheapened out, so the M12 may be as well by now

What do you mean?

What’s the difference with the M10 anyway?

see the last post

Bort, where did you get your M10? Ebay? If so, which seller?


Post 3000! Yay!
i avoid ebay like the plague

Ok, and I thought getting straight from Keygos would result in a better product. Maybe I'll order from EBay then!


i would look at a different product, its a wide open playing field

i bought this Ultrafire ( keygos clone) which is actually a better light than keygos, as it is slightly taller and have deeper reflector, more tighter beam and cheaper too… i like it so much i decided to buy another :smiley:

i’ve only bought one, i based my quality declining on gords assessment of the ones he bought and our detailed PMs about the light
its not terrible, but if you don’t need its larger size and 26650 capability a convoy m1 blows it out of the water many times over
a few people talked about an aleto 26650 zoomie thats apparently very good, and DX has some new ones that may be good

how does the convoy m1 blow it out of the water? in terms of quality, or beam brightness?

Convoy M1 isnt a zoom, and the Aleto whilst good is not as good quality as the Keygos M12 according to cat eyes who has tried both.

I've been considering the M10 along with this X-Power 26650 light (Shadow JM07 clone) at FastTech. The X-Power is much more expensive and hence my leaning toward the M10 (plus gords pushing the M10 as a great light to custom mod). I was trying to justify the X-power due to being likely higher quality, not needing modded since it already has a decent driver (could be pushed a little harder, and a neutral white LED. It's also 2 x 26650 compatible and includes the extension. Daylighter's link above at $14.19 makes it tough to resist going that route though!

DayLighter, do you have a Keygos to compare to directly? That Ultrafire version, do you have a tailcap current reading? That one is tough to pass up for the price! Is it exactly like an M10 inside (driver mounting and such) - reference gords mod thread here.? I'm actually looking for a floody light with decent throw. You commented on it's "tighter beam" above. If you have a Keygos M10 can you compare the spill width and brightness? I'm looking for wide bright spill.

Sorry for leading off-topic from the M12, but the original poster did ask about difference between the M10 and M12.


both, not modded the m10 draws 1.61A vs 2.8, and the quality is light years ahead, but its not a zoom, and its 18650 not 26650

your M10 is very low… mine was 2.4A on ICR KK 26650 battery… the beam definitely blow my convoy m1
the left is convoy M1 XM-L U2 2.8 Amp from fasttech and on the right is Keygos clone ( the original keygos already mod’ed and brighter than both)

interesting, my m1 has a more defined hotspot, but its not a c8, its smaller reflector is a compromise between flood and throw.
2.4 vs 2.8 still loses, but as a mod host the keygos is better, it can take 26650 batteries and is easier to rip apart, and can take a 20mm driver, so the design is good, but the materials and machining are not even close
i would also agree that the keygos is worth $20, but the convoy is a steal at $20, but they are meant for differing applications.

aleto 26650 zoomies sucks big time… even my cheapo ebay zoomie ( 18650 ) is brighter than both aleto and keygos at the distance of 5’ away, only lost it in the zoom mode as it cast a wider rectangle

yikes, i used to be a zoomie person, but i realized i’m not missing much with a good thrower