KKW entry to machine made - 3rd annual build competition (updated 8-4-15)

It only needs to rotate at about 3-4rpm. The trick is going to be buying a big enough gear motor without it being too big.

your build is going to be awesome KKW

Very cool concept. Kind of knife related too. Instead of blades of steel, it will project blades of light.

ummm, where are the updates KKW???

I’ve done some testing with the fresnel lenses and precollimating lenses, but until my son goes back to school on the 12th, real solid forward progress is going to be a challenge. I’ll get my thoughts together today and try to get something written up for where I’m at in the design process.

I’ve been concerned that I bit off more than I can chew with this build time-wise. I’ve got a lot of parts to make, and if more than one or two need a redesign or rebuild on the fly I could end up missing the completion date.

Hell, I feel like I bit off more than I can chew every time I look at my project. No excuses brother :wink: I expect great things from you

Wow, that is indeed going to be a portable lighthouse!

Looking forward to this ambitious build

(be careful that is does not take up more time than is healthy for a hobby, that at least is my general problem)

I’m not sure that’s an option. I’m figuring over 40 hours is going to go into just building the parts. I pretty much have to consider selling it after all is said and done to even come close to justifying the cost and time I’m going to have in it.

Original post has been updated.

I see, it's too late already. Only alternative is making it an awesome build then :bigsmile:

I feel your pain. It’s a stretch just to squeeze in an hour or two a week but they get results.

I’m officially going to back out of this years competition. It hurts because I’ve already spent around $400+ on components, but I have another project that needs to take priority. Needing to make money is a pain, but a necessary evil.

I plan to keep working on the 3D design work over the next year and you can be sure that you will see an amazing portable lighthouse build next year that won’t be hampered by trying to organize 3 big projects simultaneously. I’ve already got some design changes in mind that will greatly reduce the part count and ease of building it precisely.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone gave me. I look forward to seeing everyones finished builds this year. I’ll make no secret of who I’m rooting for as the winner this year.

Go in10sivern!

I’m sad to see you drop out but I completely understand.

All the best for the paying work KKW. We can only do what we do when we can do it.

Edit. Whoops. My bad. I hope you accept my humble apologies. It was early here and still half asleep.

Gah! It’s KKW. I’m not affiliated with people who dress up in sheets.

Good luck with the work! I will not likely finish my entry in time either, it is done when it is done. I will keep following the build :-)

Thanks for sharing what you did get. Seems like a cool idea. I too will be checking back.