Known working TIR optics that fit S2 AND S2+ from Fasttech?

My stock reflector from my S2 is 21mm wide and about 20mm deep. I’ve looked through the fasttech site and can’t find anything that fit that dimension. I’ve also seen some on Simon’s ali store but some of the comments say that you’d have to file some down to fit the S2+ too. Has anyone bought optics from Fasttech and fitted them to an S2 and/or S2+ without having to do any filing?

Not from Fasttech, but these fit S2+ (after removing the TIR from the white plastic case, which is very easy). They have 10, 25, 45 and 60 degree TIRs.

Cool! Thanks!! Do you know if there are any there for the slightly longer S2 fit? I’d like both, but I need it more for my S2 than the S2+.

Sorry, don’t know about S2.

Xelario, I just received my optics to put into my S2, and I tried fitting in, but it’s a bit wide so I took off the plastic case like you said and now it’s a little too small. When you have it installed, are you still using the stock glass lens of the S2 to hold everything inside or did you manage to use just the optic?

I tried it both with stock glass lens, and without. Worked either way, using the lens seemed to be easier, so try that first. I ended up removing it (the o-ring stayed), because the TIR just happens to be the perfect diameter to fit without falling out :). Just have to be careful while screwing the pill in, adjust the TIR so it doesn’t go sideways. Here’s some pics:

I also tried filing down the plastic case so it fits the head, but later removed it, because that red Noctigon and Nichia 219B combo just looks too good to cover up. :slight_smile:

Great stuff! Can’t wait to get mine.

Those look interesting. They also have some elliptical ones that could be good for a bike light.

S2 you need a spacer behind the star to have it fit…search the forum…there is alot of information about the length of reflectors and whatnot

Already ahead of you ;) In an Eagle Eye X2, which is a 1:1 carbon copy of the S2+.