KronoReview: LuckySun P26650-L2 Flashlight

Just ordered one with the coupon code: GBLUCKYCM for $19.73. Looks like same quality of the D80 byut bigger head, wider reflector I'm guessing.

Couldn't find it mentioned - seems like a SS bezel.. Anyone know if it is true SS?

Yes Tom…true SS.

Got mine today. Notables:

  • stock black cheap lanyard - not as shown in OP, but looks like the one that's on it??
  • not an AR lens - no sign or blue or purple reflection whatsoever - unless it's really light tinted?
  • it's a nice little light - reminds me of a mini XinTD X3, head heavy, body is very light weight
  • small nicks at the tail - think maybe from final assembly of that weird tail assembly?
  • bad news on the tail - suspect it works like a MaxToch M12 in that the assembly can unscrew out the rear, but looks like there's no thread joint for the tail on the body at all, and no tool notch's to remove the tail assembly. Impossible to replace the switch, looks like... Or add a bypass wire on the tail spring. Only chance may be to drill holes in the endcap and hope it can be unscrewed -- of course would damage it, but maybe the holes can be plugged up afterwards
  • it's a classy little light though
  • the driver MUST GO - Ugh, turbo is the 5th mode with no mode memory. Takes 4 secs to reset to 1st mode (hi, not turbo). Good candidate for an OFF time memory 7135 based driver. Without being able to bypass the tail spring means there will always be loss's at high amps.

Stock: Not recommended just because the driver modes. May be ok for some people...

Mod host: maybe recommended... But that long tail spring will always be a restriction for high amps, but upgrading the driver and LED look pretty straight fwd. Haven't taken apart to see the heat mgt, but the head sure looks nice with all the fins. The hole under the star doesn't look good though from krono's pics, but it can be manageable to live with (copper MCPCB), or possible added disc underneath.

Quick test in the PVC light box:

On a freshly charged KK 4200 cell (not new):

Hi: 612 @start, 595 @30secs

Turbo: 884 @start, 836 @30 secs