Kudos to Acebeam

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I do not have this light[yet?] , but I had Four questions and they replied in less than 25 hours.

That light is the ACEBEAM K30-GT.Very impressed with their efficiency, promptness and answering all the questions.

My Questions:

1. What temperature is the sensor[ITC-Intelligent Temperature controller] set at for the lights step down?

2. Is there also a Timed step down or just the ITC Which is based on temperature ONLY?

3. Can you go back to turbo immediately after step down or does the light have to cool down?

4.Is yours ALSO measured temperature at the LED OR DRIVER?[I gave him the Thrunite TN42 Example]


Their answers:

1, it’s around 60 degree celsius for the ITC set for step down;
2, only the ITC for step down;
3, It will light on when the light is cool down, also according to the external temperature.
4,The 60 degrees is the inside of flashlight driver, please note.

The Thrunite TN42 was an example I gave to them[Acebeam] which I wish ALL manufactures would go by.I relayed this info to him.

Thrunite TN42 From Website.

ITC Technology
The light will automatically lower the current when temperature in LED or driver rises to 80 degrees centigrade to protect the flashlight from overheating.
Thus to extend its lifespan.

I have Two Acebeams.

Supbeam[original name] K40 and the Acebeam K60

Finally I will say my experience with Olight/Thrunite/Fenix and Acebeam[Supbeam] has been very good. Always fair, prompt, Professional,Responsive and considerate.

I wish I could say that about this other China dealer. I will leave him anonymous! Hint:Group buy.

Haha we all know who you’re referring to. In my experiences in several purchases through he that shall remain anonymous, I have only had the need to contact him once and he messaged me back promptly by email.

Acebeam lights are pricey but you get what you pay for. Their construction is very high quality and their drivers are some of the best in the industry.

The K30-GT is a fantastic light and it’s become my go-to for night hikes on the trails. The hotspot is tight and focused so the light can reach out, even at low brightness modes. The way the corona fades away from the hotspot provides just enough spill to illuminate the trail directly in front of me. I love the handle attachment while wearing winter gloves. The driver is one of the best I’ve seen yet for a SBT-90.2 light. They definitely hit a home run with this light.

I’ve never dealt with their customer service but your experience gives me even more confidence in the company. Thanks for sharing.

What type of driver is it?

Here are some of my the images of Acebeam K30-GT

The church is about 450 meters away.

In my opinion it would be BETTER if they followed Thrunites TN42 ITC step down temperature of 80C/176F. That step down rarely comes into play even in the hot summer months. :wink: The SBT90.2 is a much more powerful LED than the XHP35 HI, So that 80C/176F that thrunite uses would come into play but with several more minutes of enjoyable Turbo!

Still looks like a nice light. In winter[now] it would certainly take longer to reach 60C/140F.

Instead of running cells in parallel for more current, the cells are in series with a buck converter driver. Very efficient.

Lots of modes with good spacing and UI, too.

how far can the 30gt throw ?

From website, Manufacturers claim

Maximum Beam Distance: 1,024m
Maximum Peak Beam Intensity: 262,144 cd

Not sure who is being negged with the passive aggressive comment in the OP, but I generally feel that manufacturers and/or vendors who are willing to work with the BLF community to develop lights and then deal with the massive logistical nightmare of group buys deserve some slack while scrambling to fulfill thousands of orders.

Makes no difference other than the fact that dozens and dozens of members complained about the guy and someone[Not me] actually started a thread about them. :wink:

Isn’t it funny that is your only comment and contribution to the thread. What about the primary reason for the thread?

It’s rather disingenuous to complain about someone following the detour you introduced. If you wanted the thread to focus on Acebeam you shouldn’t have taken that shot (whether deserved or not) at the other, unnamed, vendor.

I love all the opinions on here.

It is also Unreasonable,provocative and illogical for one to judge anothers experience when they themselves have not gone through it.

I am talking about the buddy you defended. :wink:

That’s the difference between a well set up company with proper marketing/CS/R&D departments that aims to stay in the business for decades like Fenix and zebralight does vs a bunch of people out there trying to make quick bucks by trying to grab every single buyer with rushed, unfinished products without performing proper QC or providing hardly any after sales service at all.

Although this is BUDGET light forum after all I don’t like the notion (which is being accepted) that inexpensive must equal cheaply made. Lately I find myself avoiding any groupbuy until there are several reviews and extensive discussion of the design or manufacturing issues.

Btw there is no need to hide names, this is not CPF. Any negative experiences can be freely shared with or without a point of reference. This forum is in a time of growth and the last thing we want is to give a bad impression of this hobby because of a few “rotten apples”.

Thanks will34. well said.

Here is the thread another member started. MANY dissatisfied people.

Not all the posts are negative, but negative posts are the majority. Particularly like post #63. TOO many people can justify others actions. MUTOS thoughts echo mine. :+1:

After this I would like to get back to The thread title, KUDOS TO ACEBEAM

I’ve had good experience with Nealsgadgets and his customer service. But back to main point. I own a bunch of Acebeam lights amd they are very high quality in general and customer service is very responsive, much more so than Olight. However Olight build quality and refinement is definitely a step above Acebeam. Olight has the highest efficiency drivers Ive ever seen. The Perun can sustain 500 lumens for a whopping 4 hours. Acebeam engineering is also not consistent. Their latest TK17 has strobe built into the main modes :person_facepalming: Though I need to give them credit for pushing lights to the limit and experiencing with new tech more so than Olight, Fenix, Thrunite and others.

Acebeam fan here. My six Acebeam lights, listed in chrono order that I got them, all of them modified:

Acebeam EC50, May, 2016; the item for max power in its size in Spring 2016.

A small beginning of my attraction to the ground-breaking line up from Acebeam.

Acebeam K70, Sept. 2016 is when I surprisingly became amazed at dedicated throwers.

I bought it just to have such an item, and I instantly became thrilled at what the beam does.

Acebeam X65, Dec. 2016, I became super excited as soon as its specs were released months before the light itself was released.

This light has the beam performance that I always wanted from other lights that just can not do what this can do.

Acebeam X65, March 2017, not being content with the first one that I got, I needed another one of these superlative beam

generators for my other hand. If you want to feel what it's like to be at the outer limits of the hand held led universe,

fire up one of these in each hand, and you will feel that feeling.

Acebeam X45,. June 19, 2017, this item is much brighter that the Fenix TK75vnQ70 that it replaced in my daily use flooder lineup.

Acebeam K75, Sept. 3, 2019, 6,300 Lumens, 2,500 Meters, 1.57Mcd.

The logical successor to the TN42. More throw, and more beam width than TN42.