Latest release Vapcell 21700 5600mah 12.5A battery

Would have to see how much current your light uses. If you use higher current the difference will be not insignificant

about 15% roughly (1/7)

Runtime test comparing the new Vapcell 1000mAh 14500 to a Windyfire 650mAh cell.

Vapcel 1 - Windyfire 0

(except the first minute)

The Vapcell 14500 is one of a kind. I also use it in my Reylight Ti and it is perfect combo. I tested two of them to be about 1000mah. I’ll get some Vapcell 16340 later too once I find a good 16340 light.

This might help in your search

CRX, thanks for the testing, I hope the 16340 800mAh performs well too!

Yeah it probably would have been better with a regulated driver but that is the only AA sized light I have, still gives a fair guide.
I have a couple of the 16340s on the way to me too, we’ll see how they compare to the AWT yellow 16340s which are the best high drain 16340 cells I’ve had so far for both output and longevity.

I’m interested in this as a replacement for the Olight battery in my S1R. I know I won’t be able to charge it in the light, but I’m not that happy with the ORB-163C05, as it does not do so well in cool temps (or colder) providing current for turbo mode.

Yeah, I’ve never had much faith in the Olight cells. The AmpsPlus 16340 is quite good too.

So the Olight ORB-163C05 cell just has an exposed negative contact at the top of the cell?

I’ve modded cells to have this feature before such as in the MBI HF which has a built in charging unit using the same principle.

And this carbon fibre spare cell carrier with built in charger.

I wouldn’t recommend modifying cells if you’re not confident in doing so though.
Gotta be very careful not to short these cells.

Interested how the contacts are arranged in the S1R, springs, contact plate or both used?

the tailcap inside looks like this:

The positive contact is spring loaded. The negative is a ring that is stationary. I think the spacing of the contacts is important to get the cell to charge via the tailcap. I considered removing the insulation from the top of a cell to see if that would do it, but have not yet purchased any cells for this light except the Olight one that came with it.

Thanks for the information and picture :+1:
Yes getting the spacing right can be a pain but made easier with the central sprung contact.
Looks like the Olight cell has a thin negative disc tac welded to the top of the cell can or does it have a protection circuit on top?

The Olight 10c cell is the best 16340 I have tested for a 16340. Its used in the S1R II and is what gives the S1R II the ability to make 1000 lumens. I detailed the process of taking off the negative ring and rewrapping the cell for normal use in this thread. Olight 10C 16340 3amp Discharge Graph (Now Vapcell is the best 16340 I have tested)
Vapcell may have found the source of these cells and made some improvements since there is extra space the olight cell uses for the negative terminal at the top with a extra spacer and ring. I got several on the way to test. Vapcell has lived up to their claims so far, hoping this new 16340 does as well.

That’s great, thanks :+1:
I had actually posted in that thread but the old memory isn’t what it used to be :smiley:

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You certainly do some impressive work CRX!! . :+1:

Thanks you very much ,BlueSwordM :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: hope hope to get your feedback as soon as possible.

Thanks,we do not know who make olight 10c, and we did not tested it before.

This is the first time to focus on 16340 batteries.

we hope vapcell 16340 battery can satisfy you all.

If there is something unsatisfactory, we will also listen to suggestions and continue to improve.

Thank you

AWT 16340 is so great ,thanks
hope can get your feedback. :slight_smile:

When will the 16340 cells ship? I ordered them 10 days ago but tracking shows no movement yet