Led bulbs interfere with TV reception

Halogen work fine. Anyone know of led that doesn’t cause interference with TV working off antenna? Heard of FCC part 18 but don’t know anything more than that.

I dont have a TV, and have not used an antenna in several decades, I do have LED lights over my desk, I watch netflix on my computer, connected to the internet via cable, with no flicker issues.

the bulbs I buy are low flicker rated…

Ive used the first 3 types on that link, without issues. I particularly like the tint of the Photograde one, 3rd from left in that link.

A friend installed cheap HF LED shop lights in his new shop. They're cold white/low-CRI but that's another story. They made his FM radio useless from RF noise. Sounds like 60Hz. We installed ferrite chokes on the power cables of each LED fixture and the power cord to the radio, all as close as possible to each device with no improvement.

I'll be watching this thread for suggestions...


Use Incandescent Bulbs :student:

I’ve gone through several brands and found Philips to be dead quiet on VHF and Westinghouse to be incredibly noisy. It’s unfortunate the Philips are 80 CRI.

Here in US they are going to end their sale soon. I guess I could stock up. Would like a more energy conserving led if possible though.


The flicker measurement of Home Depot LED bulbs I tried was slightly higher than the ones from Waveform linked in post#2. The Tint of the Home Depot bulbs was also greener, which is why I bought Waveform instead.

more LED Bulb info in this thread

Not any issues with over the air TV and LED light bulbs in our household.

The only time I’ve heard of interference with LED bulbs is when they are installed in garage door openers.

I will pick up some Philips since it was GE that gave me the problem. Also stocked up on halogen.

Philips bulbs solved problem.

They’re quiet. Crap, but quiet. I lose about one bulb a month to failures. I hope yours end up better with durability and CRI.