LEP + LED flashlight: Lumintop Thor Pro [discussion + review]

But does it take a license for something like this?

This one sure is a performer. Nothing less than XHP50.x. Better yet make it XHP70.x and break some records. Is this going to have Anduril?

XHP70.2 would be awesome and put it along side the Acebeam X50, Imalent MS08 and Manker MK38 in terms of lumens. I don’t think that’s the case though but we’ll have to wait and see. My guess is that it will be more like the Astrolux EC06.

I’d be quite keen on 6 * SFT40 LEDs to give a good amount of throw.

Anduril would be great IMO but I know some people are against its complexity.

Lumintop have lots of Anduril lights but also many with Narsil or their own UI.

Lumintop have a dual channel FW4X, which uses their own UI with a separate coding mode for selecting the tint. I don’t think they’ll use that UI here, as quickly switching between LED and LEP whilst on is important.

I believe LEPs need constant current drivers (at least most LEPs don’t seem to use PWM). There aren’t many Anduril lights that use constant current drivers.

Aside from Anduril, I think an ideal UI would be:

  • Click to turn on or off
  • Hold while off for moon
  • Hold while on to change brightness
  • Double click for turbo
  • Triple click to change channels

IIRC this is what the Wurkkos HD20 does.

Interesting concept. Would prefer a more affordable 18650 LEP though.

I’m sure LEPs will keep coming down in price but they’re still a long way from being an easy decision over an aspheric like the $45 Convoy Z1.

The Lumintop Thor I is around $130 when on offer and you can get the extension tube for $8.

There’s a Richfire LEP that I reviewed and can be had for $90 with the right discount but is only about 200kcd:
RichFire LEP (SFC-039) flashlight review | almost 900 meters reach - I bet we’ll see cheaper and better ones next year.

Can LED and LEP be used at the same time?
yes, it can be used at same time.

Cells: 3 or 4
4x18650 in prototype, production should be 21700

Thanks Neal! Good to see you here.

Neal, while you’re here do you think you could reply to me about the missing item from my last order? The titanium bezel that was not included in the package with all of the lenses (used the “additional $5 shipping fee” per your instructions). It’s been many weeks and I sent a few emails to the same address we had been using, no reply. I hate to start a Paypal claim and have been very patient. Thanks.

Some more photos from Neal:

It seems to be an evolved version of FENIX LR40R
It is wonderful that the center chip is LEP
I think the battery size should be 18650 because the body gets thicker.
I’m looking forward to the release, waiting for the official model announcement

I forgot about the LR40R. There’s a few other lights with a ring of LEDs around a more throwy one:

Fenix LR40R

Olight Marauder 2

Acebeam X10

Acebeam X70

LM Toolworks x PhotonX Grand Tala

I’m looking forward to the LEP+LED combo but I wonder if they’ll make a LED+LED version too.

Very interesting light but with 3 or 4 accus much to big for my hands and to heavy.
This Head with one 21700 would be cool.

The good thing about the LR40R is that flood LEDs and long-range LEDs can be lit simultaneously or independently, Marauder 2 could only select one side alone lighting The size is a little larger than X10, but I think that it is suitable as EDC

The LR40R is 4*18650 too, right? I think this Lumintop will be about the same size as the Fenix and the Marauder.

Should be able to have them on independently or together too.

I like the idea of a single 21700 version of this, though it’d probably have to be quite big to be effective and worthwhile.

I do wonder how watertight it will be, the USB ports look like they are open to the environment. No flaps etc…
But maybe thats because it’s a prototype? Can’t imagine them making this light not watertight

8x xhp50?! That is a lot of potential lumen in flood!

If they get into the Anduril 2-train on this, I’m hooked!
A properitairy UI could break this light.

The prototype has arrived! Charging some button tops now... I'll share initial impressions and info in a bit and a more thorough review soon. Let me know if you have any specific questions or things to test.


UI and type of flood LEDs is interesting to know. Button tops only? No adapter plate for flats?

The LEP, like a Thor 3 or like an antman?… :slight_smile:

I think I’ve worked out the UI. I’ve started a review with details on the second post LEP + LED flashlight: Lumintop Thor Pro [discussion + review] - #2 by dave1010

This one has XP-G3 LEDs but I’ve heard second hand that others may have XP-L or XHP50.2.

Yes to button tops only. There was no adaptor plate (like Convoy sell) in the box, though this is a pre-production prototype.

The LEP is somewhere between the Thor 3 and Ant man :-). I’ll take measurements later.

I’ve done some very quick and rough measurements. The XP-G3’s are hitting over 7000 lm and throw is around 500kcd (1400m). More details at the start of the thread.

The lens is glass!

The prototype is Lumintop’s own UI, which seems to work well. At least it’s not hold for off :slight_smile:

That’s what I thought too. You have to unscrew the tail cap to get to the ports, which are on the main body tube.