Less 10 usd flashlight zooming with solid pill?

Hi guys
do you have indication wich sellers have for sale less 10 usd flashlight Zoom (26650/18650 and AA) with solid pill?
all of my cheap Zooming lights have crap hollow pill (various Ultrafire 18650 T6 led, clones sk68 etc…)
I will post some photos of them when I back from Holy.
Thanks for Help

To clarify…are you looking for a light that can use all those batteries?

I would mean 18650 like Ultrafire lights or AA like Sipik sk68

One of the SK98’s at Fasttech has a solid pill. I will look for it later and post back here. The ZeusRay also has a solid pill, but I’m not sure if they are still selling defective ones. I’m sure there are others, but those are the one off the top of my head.

UltraOk SK68 from Mountain Electronics has solid pill.

FastTech has this SK-98 clone with XM-L T6 on aluminum star, on solid aluminum pill.
But, it has miserable Hi-Lo-Strobe with crap Next Mode Memory.

thanks for suggestion
next time I will post wich stupid light no sense I had received from bangood…
others zoom light for max 15 usd?

where buy ultraok lights from chinese sellers or on ebay?

I really like the feel of the supfire f3-L2 and like the fact it's super floody when zoomed out .and I like the zeusray too because it's smaller and more pocketable .

Supfire has nicer knurling and feels like a higher quality light . To me if i don't like the feel , it probably won't get picked up or used .

both lights are easy lights to recommend and great values for the price .

Thanks guys where I can find Ultra Ok Sk68 from chinese sellers?


They don’t know what they’re selling, and they won’t be able to tell you accurately what you’re buying. Mostly they never see or touch what they sell, they just collect your money and find somplace that claims to have it for sale and have it sent to you. Then it’s good luck or good gosh, it’s the lottery.

To know for sure what you’re buying, buy from someone who will tell you correctly what they are selling because they have held it in their hands and looked inside it.

To my knowledge — that would be

China: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/330416 — see some discussion at 30%-50% discount / Free shipping / Coupon--------Shenzhen Great Wall Technology(Simon) Convoy-Flashlights and Simon’s posts around the place, intermittently (he’s got a youngster and isn’t here as often as, ahem, some of us)

US: MTN Electronics: LEDs - Batteries - Lights - Chargers - Hosts - Drivers - Components - 1-Stop-US Source — see that thread for a whole lot of discussion; RMM has a youngster and a career starting and he’s still here a lot.

I buy stuff from other sources — but that’s gambling, fun if you can afford to lose what you’re risking.

Simon has an inexpensive zoom I haven’t seen much discussion of:


No idea if it has a solid pill, but it does look like it has a threaded retaining ring to hold the emitter in place, which should help with heat transfer.

Some dIscussion of that and similar lights at: What's a Good Choice for an 18650 Zoomie??

I have received the ‘’sk98 fasttech’’
but very disappointed,Led is Not Cree T6 as describt but fake with a terrible driver

Could you please take a picture of the LED and post it here on the “Fake Cree” Awareness thread?


I’m sorry for reviving such an old thread, but I felt like I have to add this to help anyone looking for such info:

FastTech does NOT ship those flashlights with solid pills anymore.

I’ve been trying to resolve the issue with them for 22 days so far
They say “The manufacturer said the factory changed the bracket in this batch, but the item is still the same, it will not affect the use.”

Just a word of caution for anyone looking to buy the last quality made SK98, they are gone.
(or please let me know if they are still available anywhere)

In the last few years the only budget zoomy light I have gotten with a solid pill was Odepro KL42 for $16 on amazon. That light is also sadly no longer available. I haven’t found any other budget lights with solid pill since the ultraOK ones.