Let's try to strart a new BLF project light in AA format

The Tool AA is 12USD on AliExpress. Seems reasonable to me.

I prefer the Skilhunt E2A with an Energizer L91 as my emergency backup light in my car. Simple 3-mode with memory. Set it to the middle mode, throw in the glovebox and forget about it for years.

(weight) One issue with AA lights is their weight. AA lights are usually more than twice as heavy than AAA lights. For your purpose, I think AAA lights would be much better choice despite shorter run times.

(cheap prices) I think cheap price is possible only if mass produced. But the features you want do not seem to attract the masses, therefore I think it is hard to achieve.

How about Nitecore MT06MD? It is pen shaped thus easy to carry along with other pens. High CRI Nichia 219B 5000K. Longer run time than single AAA lights. One bonus. Its head is compatible with Tool AAA, so if you want smaller light you can use Tool AAA’s tube since it can run with a single AAA.

We have the same mind set. I thought the Tool was more expensive, thanks for pointing this out, I guess I will go this way. If only the E2A had a Twisty tailcap, it would be very close to what I’m looking for…

I don't do twisties.

I might be interested in a tail switch AA flashlight if it's extremely inexpensive.

I’ll have a look, thanks :+1:

the Jet Mk-1 is an AA Twisty with 3 modes including a 1.5 lumen low, and last mode memory, it has an O ring, so its waterproof, and it has a pocket clip,

it meets all your requirements except:
> cheap
> high CRI
> 2 modes
> 10 lumens
> starts on low
> tritium slot

Sofirn C01S is on flash sale
https://www.sofirnlight.com/products/sofirn-c01s-aaa-flashlight-sst20-4000k-white-led-starts-on-low and has all these features you asked for:
> twisty
> cheap
> high CRI
> 2 modes
> starts on low
> tritium slot

some of my impressions of the C01S:

i would not use AA

i would use CR123A cells

smaller, more energy, 20 year shelf life, no leaking

I totally agree with you on the benefits of lithium. That’s why I mentioned L91. All the same advantage of CR123 in an AA format. Then, in case of super-emergencies, AA are available everywhere.

Thanks Jon, I might have to go that way with such a deal. I guess I’ll compromise and I’ll use L92…

I have never had a good experience with L91 type AA ‘ultimate lithium’ cells

seems like they don;t really have very high peak current

cameras hate them, i know that

i think the chemistry is different from CR123A types

Really? Been using them since around 20 years and I never had any problem with any. I might have been lucky ? About the peak current, I honestly have no idea. The only thing I know is that the voltage is slightly different from alkalines, (1,7v vs 1,5).

Tell that to my KL02s…

The foam-rubber “washer” that separates the negative end of the cell from the nubbin on the tail is more like memory-foam, in that it “gives” and eventually makes contact anyway. Loosen again, and again it collapses and makes contact. Rinse, repeat, ’til the tailcap just pops off.

Could probably replace that with a fat o-ring, but I shouldn’t have to.

That said, I like twisties, and the Jetbeams I (AA) and II (’123) are quite nice.

But you will not get a “vampire” circuit with ANY kind of smarts. Just boosting the voltage to run a µC negates the vampirism.

“Joule thief” circuits are hardwired to wring out as much juice from the paltriest of supplies for as long as possible.

The 3buk AA light from MicroStore is about as good as you’ll get, as it’ll drag down a cell to half a volt or so as long as it’s left on. Nasty CW light, but the emitter can be swapped out easily (16mm round, iirr), and the reflector is about the perfect size of a 20mm TIR lens for a much better beam.

I understand and I’m also not a fan of foam ring in twisties. Bad experiences all the way back from the Jetbeam C-LE in 2005 (yep… I’m that old…). It’s not a good design and most ‘’modern’’ twisties don’t use them anymore.

You got my interest with the 3$ Microstore. Never seen these, where can I find them ? A quick search didn’t do it…

There was a limited run of ARC AA’s. Rare and those who still have ’em will probably never let them go.

I still have and pocket rotate my EZ-AA, great light. Here’s a size comparison FWIW.

Personally, I think there are a number of good compact AA lights. I think the Skilhunt E2A is one of them - good build and finish, simple 3-mode with mechanical tailcap, great CRI, and capable of draining AA batteries low.

How’s about just an AA version of the Sofirn C01 - compact well built. high-CRI 5mm, encapsulated and highly affordable. I can’t understand why Sofirm hasn’t already put one out, given how well received the C01’s were.

It’s something like a “R03”. Hang on…

Oh, that was easy…

They usually have ’em in boxes right at the checkout counters, like you’d sell keychains and the like.

Yes! You are right about the ARC AA, I now remember.

About the EZ AA: I’m glad to see some people remember them. You know what ? I also still use mine, it’s the rarer W version with a warm P4 in it. I also still have and use an EZ CR2.

I also think there is a market for C01 and C01S in AA version…

With a side switch for 3$ ! Does not fit my needs but I would definitely buy some for modding fun! Thanks for the suggestion.

Yeh, and I wouldn’t try ’em with Li-ion 14500s, but they work fine with LFPs.

Is any of the current twisties reliably debounced?

Not as far as I know. Some very old model might had some problem but I’m not aware of problems on currently available twisties.