Lidl AAA Zoomie

You are welcome Argo and no worries, I understand.

Hopefully they will arrive in your local Lidl’s sooner or later!

My daughter bought me one for my birthday (hey! 3,99€), I can’t open it until next week :slight_smile:

Good to see they are still circulating Europe. May show up here one day…

1.2 A will last about 1.2 minutes

i usually find cheap zooms don;t really concentrate the light so much as they just throw away the edges
the spot isn;t much brighter than the flood
also on your picture, the zoom looks crooked, not on the main light center line
anyway, enjoy anyway!


Got this from lidl last week, it doubles duty as power bank.

1x 18650 2200mAh
3W Cree XPE-R2
approx. 120 Lm
3 modes: 100% - 30% (with PWM) - SOS

Sofar it’s working good, tint is much better then Aliexpress zooms I ever bought from.

Just reviewed the “bigger sister”, the 2xAA zoomie flashlight from LIDL :stuck_out_tongue:
Here: “REVIEW”: Livarnolux 314791 – Push-Pull Zoomie Flashlight – 2xAA – Cheap – From LIDL!!! =) :+1:

Check your local LIDL - these lights are back! There are some in stock at my local store, here in western France, so probably being stocked in a few more. Bought one in great excitement for €3.99, and was pleasantly surprised by the light. It is certainly well built, though my beam is not artefact-free. But for the money they’re a great small zoomie to throw in the car. I’m going back to get a few more for the kids for sure.

It seems they won’t ever come to Poland…

Same thing here :zipper_mouth_face:
I have 2xAA lights from there, but would like to try one of these small ones if they arrived to our stores :weary:

Hope to find the little AAA here in Italy… :slight_smile:

Could i know this torch’s size?

They’re back!!!
Last week i saw them again in several of our local Lidl shops in the Netherlands, €2.99 each. Bought two of them and today again two
after examining the two i bought last week.
There is a small plastic label on the keyring which states the type number. It says Livarno TL273. Manufacturing date May 2018.
Dimensions are: 85 mm long and 2.15/1.6 mm wide.
I’m quite happy with them, certainly for this price. Unbelievable, i wonder how long they will last.

Thanks for the heads up! Bought a couple.

EDIT: this really is not a half bad light.
I’ve paid more than this for really rubbish lights.

Have they ever been sighted in german stores? NL isn’t far away from me, not even an hour by car, but I cannot justify spending an extra on gasoline just for the fun of it. Still curious. I like AAA lights.

Maybe you can suggest your wife to go shopping in the Netherlands for a change. Coming weekend will be fine weather as well.
Wife happy, you happy that’s a win-win.

There’s one catch: No wife.

Otherwise I’d have taken her with me to have a good time in the beautiful towns of the Netherlands.

I suddenly remember that it's a bit odd because the distrbution center is in Germany in Bretten (D-75015)
i noticed it on the label on the keyring and at the back of the package.

It says: Mellert SLT GMBH & Co. KG
Langenmorgen 2 D-75015 Bretten


Maybe you can contact them.

I'll try to upload a picture but i have to find out how to do that.

In post number 15 of this thread there are two pics, in the second picture you can see the address on the right.

Thanks, Tejo.

I had a look at the folders, there’s currently the Laverno LiIon light on sale that we have in the Lidl-shops also. Maybe there actually was this AAA light in the shops. In the future, I’ll have a look at their brochures before disposing them :smiley:

Edit: Ah, thanks for the pointer to #15 - there’s no german text on the package. Impossible to sell over here.

Yesterday I had a surprise when I arrived at home!!
Henk4U2 contacted me some days ago telling me that he sent me a light! Any clue of what light was it?

Yes, it was a Livarnolux TL273! :partying_face:

I have to say - eventually repeat - that this is nice little flashlight :o It is really robust, seems like tank! I wasn’t expecting this level of quality in such a small flashlight, that is made for wide public consumption, sold in a supermarket. But, having 2 other Livarnolux flashlights, I was also expecting that it might be good!

In some aspects you know this is a “non-expensive” light, like on the led/pcb, the hollow pill or the UI.
But the anodization, even the lens, the clip and the overall feel…you know that it has some good qualities.

Below I will leave some photos !
But before that, I want to thank again, to Henk4U2 for his kindness and for sending me a light that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get around here. :partying_face: :+1: :beer:





Great work Wim !