Lightweight headlamp with firefly moonlight mode to light up tablet keyboard?

I am looking for a very lightweight headlamp with a moonlight/ firefly mode to use to light up a non backlit tablet keyboard of my at night. I have a Nitecore Nu25 and the weight is perfect. The lowest mode is 1 lumen which is doable. I’m looking for something as lightweight but with sub lumen option. And since I would only use this for indoors and typing, I’m fine with it being cheaply made. Anything like this exists?

PS I also tried some clip on keychain red led lights (I clipped it to the tablet pointing towards the keyboard but it wasn’t floody enough).

What about those that you can easily find in many stores. You know those cheap ones with the 5mm LEDs?

The Fenix HL05

Pros : very lightweight, low lumens (not sub-1 lumen on low), red led mode.

Cons : discontinued, so may be hard to find. Uses 2xCR2032 batteries.

How about the Thrunite TH20? Or either the Manker E02 or E03?

Yeah, something like that you could even rig up something on your own. 5mm LED cut flat to be more of a mule (“dedoming” it, in a sense), through a resistor, into a set of AAAs or something. Batteries in/out is the switch.

Should run forever with 1mA or so.

Thanks for volunteering to make this :slight_smile:

I actually did take a 5mm LED (this was æons ago) and would lightly touch it against a grinding wheel to see just how small I could make it. Shaved the sides so much that I actually nicked the “cup” that the chip sits in. Shaved down the top part, being careful to not nick the bond wire. Worked fine. Forgot what I did with it, but I just did that to see if it could be done, and how far I could take it.

Or wait a month or two and pick up some LED Christmas lights. The white ones are generally either flat-tops or actually dimpled to spread light rather’n focus it. Philips usually comes out with them, and the WW ones are surprisingly nice, lightwise. 60 in a box or thereabouts.

Go crazy…

Here ya go…

This style of LED. ↑

Hell, it’d come with its own holder/socket/whatever and wire pigtails, too. All you’d need is a resistor and battery.

Manker E02 mentioned above. Manker E02H is similar. Uses 1x AAA battery so it’s pretty lightweight.

The have a configurable Lowest (Moon) mode, so it can be set to very very low (sub-lumen).

rngwn has some high-CRI emitters for sale which should output a very cozy light. Check [Yuji's warm white 5mm substitute!] WTS: 3400k 5mm LED 95+ CRI thread.

I ended up with a simple and effective DYI solution.

I got one of those Photon keychain lights. It has a red led, covert nose AND dimming. It comes with a small clip harness that I just clipped to a thin elastic hair band. I now have a micro headlamp.

I won’t be able to find anything lighter with the focused, dimmable beam. It’s perfect!

Photon Light FMRC Photon Freedom LED Keychain Micro-Light with Covert Nose, Red Beam

Anyone interested in helping me mod something like the manker e02 to have a low temperature LED for reading at night? Trying to cut out blue light and would want an emitter in the 2700k range or so.