Liitokala Samsung 30Q @ 2.04 at the Liitokala Store in Ali.

Maybe someone already noticed this, but I’m dumbfounded.

If you haven’t, get a few before 11/11 is over.


I’m sorry, but no.

You did good not buying the cells IMO.

All of the Liitokala stores are selling fakes cells.

They had to be. For that price.

Yes, I bought a few. 10 to be exact.
And the Liitokala 3500mAh too. Another 10. Also for 2 bucks.

I have had good experience with the Liitokala 26650s 5000mAh 50A.
I use them for vaping, and they (26650) take 100w without feeling any pain. 4 bucks a pop.

I need the “Samsungs” to take 60w only. Otherwise, they are going back.
The “3500”mAh I can test for capacity. It’s for flashlights.
If they don’t give me at least 3000mAh solid, they’re going back too.

No worries, Cheers.

Liitokala is selling fake 30Qs.

By that I mean, they are selling 3000mAh 10A cells, not 3000mAh 20A.

The fake Samsung 30Qs have 2x the internal resistance of real ones, and are only good up to 10A.

I would not count on a refund though.

Just don’t buy cells from them again.

I bought what were supposed to be LG 18650’s from one of the Liitokala stores. They test to capacity in my Lii-500, however they only hold the charge for a few months if not used. Personally I won’t buy batteries from any of the “Liitokala” stores again.

OP, notice that YOU are the one saying “Samsung 30Q”, not them.
Read the listing again - the cells you bought are “Liitokala 30Q”. The first line in the item description even says “Brand: Liitokala”

So they are obviously made to look exactly like Samsung 30Q and to trick people into buying them thinking that they are Samsung brand. But they never claim that they are Samsung brand (they even explicitly say Liitokala brand), they just “happen” to look real similar to the Samsung cells…

On the other hand, the Liitokala brand (actually marked and advertised as Liitokala cells) 26650’s and 21700’s are pretty good cells based on HKJ’s testing.

Avoid the Blue 5100mAh 26650’s from “LiitoKala Offical Flagship Store”. They are fakes.

Well guys, 10A in the “samsung” is enough for 60W vaping.
I vape in the low watts(60) mods with Panasonic BDs. Rated 10As. And they cost a fortune.
The 3500 mAh is Liitokala brand. Others want 8 or 10 bucks a pop for this capacity. I paid 2.
To each it’s own.

I bought the Imalent MS12 for 379US.
I’m sure someone here found it for less.


You live in the US, right?

You could have just bought them inexpensively them from Illumn at 4,80$:

Or even from 2x30Qs from Vruzend for 9,49$US:

“Well guys, 10A in the “samsung” is enough for 60W vaping.”

No, its not. 60W/4.2V (assuming FULLY charged cell) = ~14.3A Once your voltage drops from use during the day you’d need even higher amperage from the cell.

A few dollars a cell is worth it to get the amperage, capacity, reliability and longevity you get from genuine cells of the Japanese or Korean brands.

They are good for 10A?. Super.
You buy fake Ultrafires, I buy fake Samsungs.
I”m sure you have never seen a real Ultrafire. Go to their website.

Regarding the refund, Aliexpress holds the monies in escrow,
and don’t release it until I say so. Maybe you didn’t know.
I should know. I’m buying from Alibaba since 2007.

Furthermore, I see that you are in a one-man-crusade to discredit Liitokala.
I will buy Liitokalas until Kindom comes, just because you told me not to.
In fact, thanks to you, that’s all I’m buying from now on.
Who are you to tell me what to do?.
I was one of the first promoters of the Golston 7W.
The father of the LED flashlight revolution. I bet you have never seen one either.

Mind your own store.
I’ve been minding mine, way longer before you knew what a flashlight is.
Or probably before you were born. Remember the Aston?.
That was my first flashlight back in 1952. I still have it.


Some cells made in China are quite cheap.recently i buy 2 (DLG 3200mAh 10A)for about 2 us dollars in taobao. i think liitokala use these kinds of cells instead of Samsung.

I have bought Samsung 30Qs, Sony VTC6 and VTC5s from “Liitokala ”official” stores. They were all fakes and Aliexpress did NOTHING about it!

I’ve never used anything but genuine Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, etc. other than a few Sofirn cells that came with the light for review/testing purposes, so IDK what the “Ultrafire” comment is about…

These Ali stores are NOT the actual Liitokala company as far as I can tell. Liitokala makes solid chargers and IDK why they would run an obvious scam like this when they could probably sell batteries well under their own brand name by itself. There are like 6 different “Liitokala” sellers, many of them with various misspellings or replacing the o with a zero.

Neat. I’m glad you could share that with us, but these are still counterfeit cells. Even them changing the product description to list them as their own brand (which is still counterfeit assuming it isn’t actually Liitokala doing so) doesn’t make it better. When I ordered some to test months back before AliExpress made their judgement on my claim the seller attempted to bribe me into removing the fact that they were fake/counterfeit from my review by offering a half refund, minus shipping. That is AWFUL business practice and ethics.

I have zero reason to purchase these over other proven brands, from reliable sellers, that offer genuine products and don’t try to deceive and manipulate their customers. You’re right, my parents weren’t even alive in ’52 but I know a scam when I see one and wouldn’t encourage anyone to give them their hard-earned cash. $3 more a cell is worth it for the quality and safety alone, end of story. If we want a battery market that is dependable for us, let alone the layman anyone practicing this shady style of business shouldn’t see a cent.

I’ve tested the fake Samsungs vs the supposed real ones.
I normally vape at 60w with a .4 to .5 ohms coil with this batteries.
This translate to 5.43v more or less, of draw.

I took it to 80Ws. This a 6.26v draw.
I’ve been vaping all morning at 80Ws.
Not a flinch in the meter. No sagging, no nothing.

The fake has a better color. Better imprinting. Better jacket coverage.
A bigger positive terminal. Weighs .5 grams more. It’s a tad taller.

Now I wonder if it is the Big B is the one that has been selling me fakes. For five bucks in special.
I’ll stick to the fakes, like a remora to a shark from now on.

Food for thought.


That math… does not make sense. Especially if you’re not usimg a mechanical mod.

Using them in a mod set to a certain wattage is not proof at all they are matching that ouput. I will stick to cells with proven lifecycles and current/capacity rating for my own safety and comvenience.

I mean, real NCR18650GAs and 30Qs are $5 a bunch of place rights now anyway…

Maybe you’ll make it to Youtube as “exploding pants guy number 10”. :+1:

Yeah someone got their electrical laws a bit goofed here I think haha.


So what sort of internal resistance for fake and genuine 30Q's?

@BurningPlayd0h, you are right.

It doesn’t make sense.

With a single 18650 and a 0,5Ohm coil, that would equate to a current draw of 7,2A, not the 15A needed to get 60W.

Any good cell can do 8A without any problem whatsoever.

He’s just trying to justify his purchase at this point.

I wouldn’t trust him IMO.
He isn’t responding to constructive criticism.