List of lights that run Anduril?

Thanks. That build target directory gives me the info I need.

True, that's the pre-configured list but there are way more lights than can run Anduril with a custom driver - I know I got a ton capable with driver replacements, like the Amutorch AX3, The Eagle Eye X1R, NightWatch NA40, just to name a few recent ones...

I also noticed that the FF E07 is not on that list.

I’d welcome a list of lights that come with some version of TK’s software already installed.
I know manufacturers/sellers change this without notice or label sometimes.

The 3 FireFlies shipping today, and eventual BLF FW3A, and the Sofirn SP36 I believe will be transitioning.

All the IOS lights appear to be listed as a special version called RampingIOS, actually a name I made up, because it was ramping for IOS (Hank at Intl-Outdoor Store). Funny because I only created that name as a folder on my computer to differentiate Hank's IOS version.

Another handy list would be drivers compatible with Anduril, as demonstrated by TomE.

Is there anywhere I can read more about the process?

Well, I've updated the firmware in a D4Ti recently. Desolder the 2 LED wires on the MCPCB, used a solder pick tool in the center MCPCB hole to poke out the driver, breaking the glue bond -- must be very careful not to damage IC's though. I'm at an advantage in that if I do damage the driver, I can always replace it, or repair/replace the parts... The space in the pill is extremely tight in height so the LED wires have to be short -- this is why you need to de-solder them. There's no space whatsoever for extra wire to be coiled up in there.

I did remove the switch but would not suggest it -- I scratched up the copper with the knife blade I used and had to do a lot of sanding/polishing to work it out. It came out very well though, and now I have a "no-glue" driver. Ohhh - forgot, but one of the switch wires came off and that's why I had to remove the switch ()

Any tips on how to get the switch out? Also what gauge is the switch wire?

Well, I used the blade method - you work on prying the retainer ring up by slowly working a fairly good knife blade under it. Think Vinh does the same thing, others too. Not good on soft copper but works well with hard ano surfaces. Think I used a high qual blade in a utility knife. Start with that and once you open up a gap, you can switch to something thicker, stronger.

Lots of patients - slow go. Think I first heard of it wayy back on a Olight 18650 tube light, or smaller, not sure. Probably info on it here on BLF but dunno where.

fireflight2 has a good walk through somewhere, I used a small flat screwdriver between the rubber boot and the switch bezel. Small twists, and work your way around the bezel.

the switch wire is really fine.

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Thanks, may need to give it a go if my switch wire gets pulled out again. I managed to solder it back without removing the switch but it wasn’t easy. Doesn’t sound like removing the switch is any easier either though!

I do need to find some very fine wire though. There really isn’t any room in there!

Ohh, I use 30 AWG wires for switches and AUX LED's, silicone coated, multi-stranded. I found sources, think on eBay and have an assortment of colors -- I use it often, and the wire strippers usually go down as small as 30 AWG.

Thanks. Now that Lexel is offering the AUX Boards my D4 can finally become a smaller but fully featured D4S :slight_smile:

Where is he listing this? Can't find it thru his post signature links, least nothing obvious.

I guess this is the thread: [SALE] lighted TIR boards, D4, D4S, ROT66, MF01 multicolored with low battery waning and LVP :beer:

Thanx! Weird that it dates back to August. Doesn't seem to be much interest. He should be taking the full plunge into the Commercial Sellers listing and get something goin to show/list all the stuff he has for sale - website, or least a dedicated single sales thread here.

Thanks Tom!

And while we’re at it where we can buy them from already flashed, or people who will flash them for those of us who can’t :frowning:

+1 for possibilities to buy Andurilified lights.
I’d really like small Emisars done right.