Long range weapon mount light.

I am looking for recommendations on a budget friendly 18650 powered
Light. I would like it to have good illumination out to 150 yards,
Possibly interchangeable LED’s for other color options.

Something like the illusive wildlife technologies kill light.

I wouldn’t mind building a light from parts either. I’m not a flashlight expert like many here, just an outdoorsman that needs good lights, and likes finding good values on affordable items.


Another member has a similar topic.HERE

You can build a C8 army with different interchangeable pills, as long as you get the older (type I) host. The newer (type II) host has an integrated shelf, so you’d need a separate host for each color, whereas with the older host you’d need only 1, but be able to swap in different pills for white/IR/red/green/etc.

I pointed someone at the Odepro killin’ light, and someone else mentioned that it kinda copies a Brinyte light (which I’m not familiar with).

I still always recommend 1-mode lights, ’cause you don’t want to accidentally “blink” the switch and shut it down from high to moonlight, or worse, strobe. If you’re okay with rolling yer own, a nice red/green XP-E2 will throw the farthest with the tightest beam, instead of flooding all of creation with a wide swath of light.

Thanks for the tips.
Any links to suggested products?

Cant go past the C8

Convoy C8

The XPL HI is the best option if you are looking for throw.

Awesome. thanks!

If the purpose is to mount the light on a long range weapon, it would be prudent to check the quality of the springs inside the light. Depending on the calibre of the rifle and how often you intend to use it with the light attached, you should get something or mod the light yourself with good quality heavy springs soldered to both the driver and the tail switch.

Good advice. thanks