Long runtime non-tube/boxy keychain flashlights for pocket carrying?

Hi! This is my first post on the forum.
I’m looking for a keychain-sized light that I can keep in my pocket somewhat unnoticeably. I have a Convoy S2+ which is great but a bit awkward to carry in my pockets, so I’m looking for a flat/boxy, thin light.
Runtime will be the most important factor really, ideally something like an hour at 200lm, floody as I will mainly use it for lighting up pathways outside.
Lights I’ve looked at are:
Nitecore TIP SE - nearly perfect, has a stable 180lm for 1h30m, but no lockout and apparently easily activates in pockets.
Nitecore TINI 2 - only 45 minutes of runtime at 200lm, which would be okay except the next mode down is 65lm.
Fenix E03R - steps down to <120lm within 3 minutes, not really what I’m looking for
Astrolux K1 - meets my runtime requirements but seems to be badly built overall, not sure I would trust it for longevity?
RovyVon E200s/r/u - a little more expensive than I was looking for, and possibly too thick?
Does anyone know if there is anything quite like what I’m looking for? The TIP SE is really tempting, but I’m just put off by having to mess about with a plastic clip instead of just being able to lock it before putting it in my pocket.

Check out the Acebeam UC15. Its slightly larger for a keychain/pocket light but running with 2x10440 should get what you want.

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I have found that items at the bottom of my pocket can be super annoying so I really like to use clips like this example: Clip for Convoy. That's a bit customized but the Convoy clip is good and you may use you S2+.

I find that a rounded object is better for fuss free ingress and egress. I do have a squarish microtool that is attached to a pocket hanger.

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Hi mysterypond!
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Well, seeing your request and already suggested lights, I would say that the Nitecore TIP SE would be a good suggestion.
I guess that it has a clip (like the TIP 2017) precisely to avoid accidental activation (as the previous version from it had serious parasitid drain due to the electronic lockout).

You can also check the Nitecore TIP 2, a bit different than this one.

As for the RovyVon E200, it is bright and it handles some time, yes, but it is bigger than the Nitecore lights.
I can tell you to check their RovyVon Aurora A23 and others in the same line, that even being “tubular” are less big than the E200.

If you want to go bigger in the squarish/rectangular shape, you can check the Manker ML03.

But I will be honest with you: a small round light like the Aurora 23, an Olight S1R Baton II, an Acebeam TK16 or other small lights like these using rechargeable batteries (16340s mostly) will be good options if you clip them in the corner of you pockets!

Consider an AAA light like an E3A? 100 lemons for 100min (just short of 2hrs) and can run an alkaleak or eneloop.

1 “gear” (haha) twisty, so no fiddling with multiple modes, just simple on/off.

Best value for 10bux I’ve seen in a long time.

My amazon review, can’t seem to find it here on blf: Amazon.com