Long throw 18650 powered budget light


I hope so…

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A little late guys, we (finally) have it worked out as you can see. BUT… thanks for the reminder (and the free beer!) :beer:

I was intending to refer to the triple led version - the c8a c8t c8s naming is a bit lost on me

I was intending to refer to the triple led version - the c8a c8t c8s naming is a bit lost on me [/quote]

It happens to the best of us, no worries.

I am building a pair of C8Fs host kits (the triple LED model). I JUST tonight was told I can't de-dome my LEDs (from LightBringer, who said I'd have to instead "slice" the domes of the XP-L2 leds I bought) - which I will solder onto the host kit's included MCPCB first.

I think the factory complete light has XPL leds (which I don't think are the "HI" versions). But (maybe) if you could get to the LEDs and try slicing them??? I don't know, but a thought anyway.

IF Sofirn would build one with the XLP HI, I'd think that would be a rocking little light. But then I have to wonder why they don't make one in a "HI" already-- possible heat issues or? - I guess I'll find out after I put my 3 (sliced) XP-L2s on my kits and run the "smoke test". ;)

Also, not sure on their driver they use... if it drops out of turbo soon, we hunters probably won't have much interest. Might check around the several threads with this light mentioned recently. Or ask Dale (DB Custom), he'll probably know.

Nah, just whack ’em, and I’ll take the b33r.

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According to Dale, the NEW version (from AliExpress) now uses the same XP-L2 leds I'm planning to "slice and flow" on my builds. What is confusing is that the listings I SEE NOW at AliExpress AND Amazon all list the XPL version

But found this: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/48850?page=2 (post #81)... where Dale states: "The new C8F comes with XP-L2’s in a nice tint, makes 3000 lumens out of the box with the supplied cell. Hard to go wrong there. -Dale"

So again... check with Dale and then IF you could get to these NEW XP-L2 leds and do the "slice" (and the driver doesn't suck), you might have the light you were contemplating here!

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Sometimes folks just get a little out of sorts- it happens, we're human (...and some of us are married ). Anyway this issue was firmly settled yesterday (with beers all around). But as SB requested... I have (for my part) deleted (or revised) history (a strangely empowering experience- my first time). :-)

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