Looking for a new soldering iron/station

It will depend on if you think you will ever need a hot air station. If you intend to do any smd work with smaller components its a life saver.
The 936 linked above is hard to beat for the money. I have had one for probably 6 years and it still works great.
If you wanna get something with the hot air the 862d is decent. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-in-1-Soldering-Iron-Rework-Stations-SMD-Hot-Air-Gun-Desoldering-Welder-862D-V/222399754713?
The 862D is a older model, they do offer newer models with a few more options but are basically the same.
If you are serious about soldering then move on up to a quality station like the Pace ADS200. https://www.tequipment.net/Pace/ADS200-8007-0578/Soldering-Stations/
I have had several china soldering stations and the ADS200 makes soldering a lot easier and is well worth the money but it’s not easy on the wallet.
There is also soldering stations that have the heating element made in the tip that tend to heat up faster and have better heat control similar to the ADS200.
These tend to work better than the older models with the tip separate from the heating element.
If you buy a quality iron then you can buy a cheaper hot air station off ebay for under $30 if you decide you need the hot air.
My advice would be to buy the station with what ever features you think you might need in the future and spend your money only once to get the station that fits your needs now so that you don’t have to buy another down the road.
It really depends on how much you are willing to spend to point you in the right direction.
Some good info in this thread. Solder Station