Looking for a USB powered AA Nimh charger

I need a USB powered charger for a couple of AA Nimh cells. It must be USB powered and ideally terminate charging when the battery is full. I bought a cheap Chinese one from DX and it will just keep charging forever…that’s not cool.

Does such a thing exist?


I’m sure there are others, but the soshine SC-S7 is the only one I have - it’s single cell only, li-ion and nimh.
I actually like this little guy quite a bit and carry it with me to work each day.
It will take 12V or 5V mini-usb.

That looks like a nice charger. Is there a US based seller that offers it?

Not sure - but doubtful…
BTW - here is HKJ’s review on it:

Hmm…Anything similar from a US based seller?

Panasonic/Sanyo AA AAA USB charger.

I saw one on Amazon for $75 (two position). Anyone have a link to one that isn’t as expensive? A charger that does AA/AAA from a USB would be quite handy with my Anker 14W solar charger.

I saw one on Amazon yesterday for $38. Not as expensive, but still pretty expensive for what it is.

See this thread at CPF

the Sanyo NC-MDU01 or (N-MDU01AS in Japan) has been replaced with the Panasonic BQ CC14 overseas

on ebay for $24??ooops.. seems to be out of stock.

I purchased that sanyo for 9.90$ 2 years ago… no longer being manufactured since 2 or 3 years… thats why the price

The Soshine SC-S7 is available from a US seller. http://www.illumn.com/soshine-sc-s7-charger.html

Found 2 AA eneloop first gen with Sanyo NC-MDU01 usb charger combo today, or rather yesterday. Old stock. The outlet let me have it at cost … USD17.50 equivalent, things are a lot more expensive out here. The marking on them eneloops indicate that the mfg year was 2007, they are vintage 2007 and surprise surprice them eneloops still holding charge and could power my mini maglite LED at respectable brightness after 8 years sit in the blister pack that they came in!


anyone tried the TOMO V6-2 Intelligent USB Charger 1.2V 3.7V For 18650 16340 AA Battery from banggood ?

UniROSS USB Charger takes 13 hours for higher capacity batteries to charge and there is no auto shut off once full charge is reached.

Panasonic BQ-600 USB charger maybe worth a look.

Interesting charger the tomo one.

I never seen that before

Any review/test for it?