Looking for an affordable "tactical" light

Hi to all,

with upcoming sales im looking for a “tactical” type flashlight. Primary requirements are very simple:

- rear switch with momentary on is the highest priority

- mode memory or direct access to turbo, quick access to strobe

- good reliable driver with good UI

- preferably no PWM and nice tint

- can have side switch for mode changes, can have built in charger, would be nice if could tail stand

  • head size up to 50mm, price around 50 bux after coupon

At the moment Im eyeing older Nitecore P30, Fitorch M30R, or the Klarus X…GT series, or some Armytek stuff. Thanks for throwing in your suggestions.

Hum, the ones I would recommend would be the Olight M2R Warrior (probably not that much “non-expensive”) and eventually the Klarus XT1A and XT1C 2018 versions!

I am waiting for the XT1C to be available on Gearbest or Banggood to grab one, once I had shipping issues with XT1A!
I will be looking for that as it has almost all the “tactical” requirements: direct access to Turbo, Strobe and Low modes.

Acebeam T27?

The ones you recommended are bit too small for me…would prefer single 18650 cell.

T27 looks great but it is a dedicated thrower, bit too large for any pocket. Also price is too high atm.

Fitorch MR26


The Fitorch MR26 looks very interesting, dont know about quality of this brand. I was also considering the older Jetbeam JET II-M, but it seems that the tint there is way too green for my taste.

Illumn has the Jetbeam III M Pro on sale right now for $34.50. 1100 Lumen XP-L.

Wow, thats interesting deal! Where do they operate from? Do they ship to europe for free? Never heard about that vendor.

I currently have four Fitorch lights: the P26, MR30R, MR15 and MR35. All are absolutely excellent and would put them against any Nitecore, Thrunite, Fenix, etc. Build quality is excellent, nice features and most have onboard charging. Don’t hesitate to buy this brand.
The MR26 is a great tactical light design. The paddle features similar to what Klarus did with their GT and XT lights is very handy once you adjust to it!
Fin17 regularly posts codes or you can PM him for codes through Banggood. His deals are VERY good and he’s quick to respond.
I can’t give you his codes but look to his posts or PM him

I had the Jet II-M and gave it away. Didn’t like the tint however I paid $24 for it with a code from Pete so I can’t complain really.

Got this TM30 kit from Amazon. Quite nice light, comes with 2 cells and charger, has emphasis on “tactical modes” (vs EDC), so it may just fit the bill.

It’s a bit on the CW side, but not nauseatingly so.

I’d give it a :+1: .

Are Fitorch lights glued?

For now Im leaning towards the MR26 by Fitorch. Price with freeme’s coupon is nice. Do you guys know how the preorder at BG works? I never used that feature there.

They are in California. I don’t know about their UK shipping. I assume they will ship it there but not sure on shipping cost. Illumn is a good company and a lot of guys buy from there here in the US. The gentleman who runs the place is a user on here. Might want to contact him and see what he can do for you on shipping. CalvinlS is his user name.

I reckon this is probably lower than the price range you’re looking for, but the Wowtac/Atactical A1 ($20) or A1S ($30) meet most of your requirements:

  • Forward clicky rear switch
  • Mode memory, press and hold side switch to access strobe
  • Neutral tint variant seems really nice to me, and no visible PWM
  • Side switch to change modes, comes with a decent battery that has a micro-USB charging port, and can tail-stand

Can’t really comment on the driver, since I’m not actually that knowledgeable about flashlights. I just really like my A1; it was my first 18650 light and was a lifesaver during a blackout.
I got mine from Illumn, but Amazon sells a broader selection of the different models.

I can vouch for the Atactical. Have mine mounted on a shot gun . I saw a video where he threw it down hard many times and it kept working. This company is related to Thrunite so it has a good pedigree . The new name is Wowtac.


Checked the Wowtac. However Amazon’s shipping costs are way too high.

Throwing in few more tips:
JETBEAM RRT2 on sale now. Not sure about that strange tail switch.
LUMINTOP TD15S - also cheap. But dont like its mode spacing.

Feel free to suggest more pocketable tactical models.

Fitorch MR26 is really interesting, but I cannot found if that remote switch really exists which is listed as an accessory. Or is it some universal model from other vendor?