Looking for regulated LH351D 18650 with usb-charging


please could you recommend a starter flashlight with:

  1. LH351D 4000k
  2. regulated driver
  3. usb charging

I did my homework and came to 3 candidates, but each doesn’t check at least one of my requirements:
Convoy S2+ 5A driver
If I understand correctly, this driver is regulated? Please can anyone confirm? Available LH351D, but no usb-charging.

Wurkos FC11
Lh351D, usb charger, unregulated driver.

Sofirn SC31
Fet+1 driver, usb charger, SST-40 - no LH351.

Please can anyone confirm, that Convoy S2+ 5A is regulated driver? If it wasn’t, the FC11 would be clear choice for me.
How much of a problem is unregulated driver of FC11?
Which one would you pick?
Are there any other options, which would tick all my boxes with breaking the budget?

Skilhunt M200

Acebeam EC35 GenII ( I think this might be a low CRI CW version though)

Great tool/database a member here has put together.


The LH351D in Skilhunt M200 is rather 5000K. The 4000K version of this LED is in Skilhunt H04.

The Sofirn SP31 v2 LH351D. The same boat as the Convoy S2+, regulated driver (buck instead of linear IIRC so more efficient in the lower modes), no usb charging. Unknown how they compare in the high modes, as I have seen no tests for the SP31 LH351D version .

Wurkkos WK30. Larger (26650), more expensive (but no so much difference at Aliexpress), USB charging. UV( shame no filter) and red as a bonus. Unlike the FC11 no ramping, but the modes are regulated. Not sure which kind of driver is using. If the size is OK is looking like a good candidate.
Edit: the LH351D is 5000K, not 4000K.

New Sofirn SP35. A bit larger (21700) and more expensive. No LH351D. Ramping, regulated buck driver.

That said, not everybody needs regulation, or high efficiency at the lower modes. Efficiency is a concern if you are backpacking, cycling in the night for hours or you expect long blackouts, but for light urban use it’s not a concern. I don’t see regulation itself as a killer feature, except for long time activities where the efficiency aspect matters more (but more efficient drivers are regulated anyway).

FC11, 2700k,4000k,5000k.
Very nice UI.
M200 Skilhunt. Press and hold for off. No go for me. Edit apparently they’ve seen the light and you can change that.

Mode Group B n newer skilhunts has click for off.

Thanks for all the recommendations, although the price is more than double for M200 or EC35.

Do you think the FET driver is a killer for FC11?

I’m looking for great allround flashlight. This includes from night walks in the forest (2-3hrs), bringing it with me to camps/trips to not trip over when searching for my tent, to carrying it as edc.

On one side, the higher the efficiency the better for forest/off the grid usage - but I still need to bring the spare batteries with me.
On the other hand, not having to think about bringing separate charger, when planning to stay/sleep/charge in challet somewhere in the middle of nowhere, is nice.

Which one would you pick, and why :slight_smile: ?


$34.75 in 5 days

Could probably ask Simon to drop a dogfart in a Convoy S9 for you. 1.4A and 3A options.


If stabilized output is even a bit important to you, then yes. It will reduce output fairly steadily on any mode as the cell drains and is significantly less efficient.

Have you considered a compact li-ion charger like the Olight UC? That opens up your options.

I would probably just get the Skilhunt H04C, it’s a right angle light but perfectly good for EDC. I guess that’s the type of light you’re looking for as the 3 you mentioned fit in that category. The H04C meets all criteria, although output will be the least of all these (600-700ish but you won’t notice that as much as you’d think vs. the others in the 1000ish range)

I would recommend the YLP Unicorn 1.0 (light in my avatar photo)

Super all rounder, although it does not have built in charging, but you can use with 18650 with built in charging.

There’s no such thing as Just One Flashlight.

Find those that tick most of the boxes, and just get ’em all. You’ll save time in the long run.