Looking for slow strobe single AA light

I’m looking for something small to use on a bike during daytime to improve visibility - something with easily accessible and fairly slow strobe (say no more than 2 Hz), ideally single AA format. Can you guys recommend something? The cheaper the better.

I already have an S2+ that I use at night, but the strobe on it is too fast, so I have it disabled altogether.

All my other lights seem to have fast strobes.

Why not an Astrolux S1 with bike flasher mode?

I don’t like that mode during the day. I prefer regular strobe.

Armytek Prime A1 Pro

What if I expand my search to 16340/18350 lights? Any such lights with slow strobe?

I already have OTR M3 which has a very slow strobe - it might actually be beacon mode, about once per second or slower. Something with flash 2x per second would be more preferable.

Pete, this is exactly what I’m looking for too. I don’t want ‘biking mode’ where the light is continuously on, with a brighter flash on top of that, i also want a 2Hz or at most 3Hz flashing mode tp have on the bike during the day.

Maybe consider bike lights rather than flashlights? Most cheap 3xAAA bike lights will have a slow flash mode.

Really? I’m still looking for one.

i bought a blinking rear light at bike nashbar years ago before leds were invented…take a look at the ch-ch-ch-cherry bom they have now
cherry bom

As part of my own search for bike lights, I recently came upon this BLF thread, that may be of interest at some point, if not now.

Skilhunt HO4 has a slower strobe\beacon. Maybe there M150 (AA light) does also.

I use my strobe lights in the widows on Halloween. Thanks for the reminder.