Looking for solid brass and Copper light choices

i guess 150 max

reylight.net has several different options, depending on your battery preference

I like the AAA Copper Tool on drop.com

you can shorten the list by creating personal preferences such as
switch on the tail
pocket clip that screws on

an inexpensive Ti AA light is the Thrunite T10t (it fails on all 4 of my preferences, but I still like other things about it, now that I have replaced the LED with High CRI)


eagtac.com has some Ti AA and 16340 options… such as D3a and D3c (passes all 4 of my stated preferences)

Olight, Acebeam, Lumintop, and Rovyvon offer copper lights

Emissar D4 CuTi might interest you also

hang on to your wallet

The guy on the left settles for quality over quantity, he Can live with 200 lumens or less, and his lights tend to only use One LED.

the guy on the right settles for quantity over quality, he cant live with less than 500 lumens and his lights tend to have more than 1 LED.

there is no perfect light for all situations, because LEDs trade brightness for spectrum, brighter are greener and lower CRI

some lights work well when working on a car, during the day

some lights work well when checking if the steak is done, while camping in the dark…

different lights for different tasks…

That price opens quite a few doors.
Most of the Peak line (my favorite) is available in brass and copper (some).
Here are a few I have owned in copper and brass. They are customizable regarding leds, optics, emitters and metals. A bit complicated but if you study up one them you can get what you want. Very rugged.
Eiger in copper:

AA in brass:

Forgot what this one was:

Mateminco sells the MT07 in Copper and Brass versions here

thanks for all the info. Your right hold on to my wallet guys!

This "Pure Copper" Aliexpress S2+ generic. (Edit it's BRASS!) is an inexpensive 18650 based brass light.
The quality is decent, but not amazing. If you have the ability to solder it can be upgraded into a great light.

Have a couple Reylight Pineapple Minis (new and old version,) they are very nice. Also have a brass Lumintop Tool AAA and a copper Maratac AA. The Maratac is a nice host and sports a Nichia emitter, but has bad PWM on the low modes.

The FW3C looks nice but maybe a little heavy for me and I already have a couple of FW3As.

Here is a copper AA from Olight.
i5T EOS Cu
Get one at retail price, before you’re left to buying one on Ebay, at an inflated price.

Thanks Nooner I will check this one out!

I wasn’t able o get this during the flash sale it sold out here in Canada in one hour. Thanks

Another new brand for me thanks i will check it out

I sent you a private message, because I want to send you a link to a flashlight that looks exactly like a convoy s2+ and it is brass. I'm not sure if it would be allowed here in public.

brass and copper are heavy, expensive, and have poor heat qualities
just saying
plus they smell after a while :slight_smile:
and not in a good way


I think Simon Mao, the owner of Convoy, has added the Convoy S2+ in full copper again.

You can find it at the ‘Convoy flashlight store’. It is one of the copper flashlights with the best performance for the lowest price. So I have two copper S2+. :smiley:

It has a full copper pill as well and you can choose which led you want.

Thanks im checking that light out

Thanks ordered one last night appreciate the insight

just like me heavy expensive and smell in a bad way

I got a chuckle from that! :laughing:


If you search eBay much save a search for the Olight SMini Baton. They made them in copper, brass, titanium, back titanium and some ridiculous looking rainbow treatment. There are a few way overpriced ones on there now but one will pop up on occasion for a fair price. Save a search for the Olight S1A as well. The Reylight pineapple AA is always a great and popular choice available in brass and copper. I don’t really have any other lights with those materials so I can’t really recommend any others. The wife has a copper Maratac AAA that she likes. I am not a AAA fan so she got it.

I like the looks and specs of this Mechtorch but, I don’t have it. Looks like it’s out of stock for now.