looking for thread

I’m looking for a thread for last half hour and still can’t find it. Does anybody remember the thread where somebody had a great reply to women demanding men put the toilet seat down?

You mean the one that had men demanding that women put the seat up?

This one ?
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Do you mean the "man rules" post in the daily joke thread? https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/4129?page=3#comment-161536

Was the first result when searching "toilet seat up" ;)

Ya, that’s the one! I love this line.

Quote: “Oh, and womankind, please note, it is the current users’ responsibility to configure the equipment for their needs. It is NOT the responsibility of the previous user to configure it for some future user.”

Rufusbduck, I missed those man rules the first time around but they were definitely good for a laugh :smiley:

Hah! That is an excellent line! I forgot about that one :smiley: